Drifters Unite!

Hiya guys,

First post here so excuse me if I’m meant to give an intro.

Looking for people that just wanna do a few runs, competitively or not. Fed up of joining convoys full of point chasing AWD builds smashing through everything along with a bus or carnival float going sideways taking up the whole road (however the latter is quite funny to witness :joy:).

Just after people that actually want to try to hit some good lines and runs or even people that want to try and get better/learn with others. As boring as the post may have been it’s about having fun!

See you around :ok_hand:t2:

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I was in a drifting club… not quite sure how I joined, but there are a lot of members. Sorry, I don’t remember the name, but you can search for it.


Bruh ードハンターズ do hantaazu, where supi? i use japan language and this is text “ードハンターズ” on white soarer for me look fooly