Drift Zone failing too quickly

I do not have any technical proof for this, but recently the drift zones have been failing me way too quickly. I bumped into a rock and lost speed, but kept going in the direction of the drift zone - failed immediately. I went into a corner too fast and went slightly off the road - failed as soon as I was back on the road, even though I had fully recovered from my error. I do not remember it being this strict before. Did something change in the drift zone system, or is this an issue with specific parts of the zones that I didn’t notice before?

Completely agree with your feeling. There definitely was a change in the meantime.

I noticed it when I had to redo some of the drift zones because they deleted the results which have been done “too early”…

In my opinion it is failing too quickly now. Especially in the longer drift zones and if you are not a veteran player I think it will be frustrating because you cannot even get a low points result.