Drift tutorials and advice on tuning

So I’ve been googling and can’t seem to find anything. So I have the 2002 fairlady ff and I’m not opposed to using a tune someone else made but I find the tunes lacking a bit. So the question is dies anyone know a write up on said topics or advice they would like to chime in on

You can find spring rates online from the manufactures
Same for the sways. Rule of thumb is each whole number for the sways is it’s equivalent in mm diameter.
Don’t go higher than sport tires.
Race diff is a must. You can go from open 0% to welded 100%.
I’d also start you in something low power and work your way up.

Read so you understand what to do with alignment.

Sweet thanks for the link and when you say spring rates from the manufacturer do you mean like real worlds numbers translate properly into the game basically what I mean is if I just read up on building a drift car in the real world can I translate all of that into the game?.

Hi Bud there is some Guides and tutorials on our Forum at www.pendulumtuning.freeforums.org bud and I have some drift tunes open source on my YT at KAMIKAZExTURTLE - YouTube hope that helps u bud.