Drift Clips! (Open To Anyone!)

I think it would be fun to start a thread where people can post drift related clips. Who knows maybe it will be beneficial to others too since when we compare to this Seasonal 1 mil Cara Este Pr Stunt there were alot of struggling people. Feel Free to post whatever you like as long as its drift related and ofc abides Forzas TOS.

Also, this is a positive environment please do not attack anyone. Tips and help is fine, but please be respectful

-1.17mil Cara Este Sierra Alpha #23 (My best run with it-no rewinds)

-Typical run for the Sierra Alpha 23 (no rewinds)- I do wonder what my score would have been if i didn’t mess up the end

I recorded this million points run in the Mini Traveller.


The Little Morris that could!! Nice Run!

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-1.03 Cara Este Reliant Robin/Supervan III

Reverse Drifting the Audi E-Tron

I like this idea…might get moved to the community hub…but like the idea.

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Thanks for pointing this out went ahead and fixed this :smiley:

Pretty interesting that just different camera movements make it feel like a completely different experience. Though still gonna need some practice as moving the camera while drifting actually feels quite strange and difficult.