Drift Battles, Drift Meet Up With Wagers

How many of you guys or girls like drift battles with wagers? Maybe there should be a drift meet up or something so you can race each other. Post something on this page if your intrested. Thx Yakov i’ll like to drift against u i havent been drifting for a while.

I don’t know of any drifters left on these forums. : /

But if it’s any consolation, when I’ve got free time I can drift with you if you’d like.

I am still on the forum, well at least, a recent poster. I am down for something. I will be posting a points tune for drifting here soon on multiple vehicles.

I’m down for some battles. Let know when. It’s boring with no one to play with lol.

If this is still thing that’s wanting to happen me and a couple others wouldn’t mind participating, wether it’s D1, Formula Drift or Forza points styled battles…