Drift Allstars content in FM.net forums

Hi folks,

Sorry, everyone, but we need to take the Drift Allstars content off of our forums out of respect for, and at the request of, the owner of the Drift Allstars brand and intellectual property.



This sucks. Just to clarify. Are we banned from uploading driver liveries even if we do NOT have the drift all stars logo on the car?

Paints should be ok for the time being, if that changes the op will be updated.

Removed only from these forums, or from the game as well?

He is talking about me an and my teammates competition, nothing related to in game, just on these forums.

Brian just tell Nial Gunn to jog on. he is a ****. the only reason he throwing his dummy out of his buggy is because he not making money from it. Trust me I know and have had dealings with him about last years Drift Allstars London when he needed a track quickly as the docks said no even though he had promoted it so myself and Essex Drifters helped out by getting Arena Essex and even then he was going to pull the event 2 days before because the layout was not what he wanted dew to the track gate being to tight to drift though.