Drag Strip Racing Issues (Single Player)

Correct me if I am just missing something. I was trying to test my cars acceleration and doing 1/4 drag runs at two different tracks. Here’s the issue:

As soon as the drag run was over, it brought me back to the main game menu. There was no post race info. Could not see my run time. Couldn’t restart, save replay, etc.

The drag run begins as soon as the track loads, which is obviously not how a drag race works. It has to be counted down by the signal lights so you have time to rev your engine to the proper rpm level for an ideal launch.

That’s all. If it isn’t a mistake on my part, I hope Turn 10 resolves this soon.


I agree, this is a big problem in drag racing. It’s basically unplayable at the moment. There is no way to tune your drag cars and no option for single player drag racing. On a drag test run there should be a count down so you can tune your launch then it should tell you your time after your run. Furthermore I am surprised that there are still no permanent drag rivals. Why is that? FM5 had some great monthly rivals, the best being the old muscle cars tuned to 650hp. I loved tuning and running that rival event then it was gone after a month! We need some decent permanent drag events!

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There’s a drag strip in the game? Where is it!??

I was just looking for it yesterday… checked every single track configuration int he game…there’s NO drag strip!!

So far they only show up in test driving, not in Single Player mode. But there is no countdown at the start of the race so practising your launch and seeing your time at the end of your run is not possible. Drag racing in FM6 still needs a lot of attention, don’t bother for now, see if they sort it out soon.

They should fix this on the next update

To be honest, I doubt there will be drag racing in Forza 6, or future iterations.

I’d love it to be included, but, it would have had to be included in the initial build of the game, as it would require some major work across the board to include it now…

Sad, as drag racing is a skill that’s hard to master, much like NASCAR can be for the uninitiated…

The general purchase, according to friends at a major gaming franchise here in Australia, is the younger player, with mums being the primary buyer got their younguns…

I do hope they do find a away to at least give us a few tracks, a way to properly stage, launch and record times, plus the ability to race against equivalent AI/Drivatar cars. Plus the ability to have proper lobbies naturally.

Sir you’re looking for Hot lap… It was left out of the game. The only way to see your time’s is in a multi-player lobby public or private.