Drag Racing-Oriented Wheels

The following companies are among the most popular in the manufacture of drag racing wheels, along with some of their more popular wheel models:

Weld Racing

  • RT-S Series (all of them)
  • Performance RF Series (all of them)
  • Drag RT Series (all of them)
  • Drag Front Series (all of them)


  • D5 Drag
  • D5 Beadlock
  • F14 Drag
  • F14 Beadlock
  • CF5V

Belak Industries

  • Skinnies
  • Series 2
  • Series 3


  • GS1R Beadlock
  • GS1R Skinny
  • GS1R


  • Classic
  • Classic Beadlock 3PC
  • C10
  • TS10
  • TS12

Billet Specialties

  • Win Lite Series

Race Star Industries

  • 92 Drag Star

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