Drag Race/Showdown cheaters

I tried the Drag Race for the first time yesterday so I could win the Forzathon reward car but the majority of the times I raced I got absolutely smoked by C or D class cars (mostly Mercury Coups) which were obviously wayyy too fast to still be in Class C. They would be finished before I was even allowed to start. Is this a glitch people are exploiting or are people hacking cars? Either way it needs to be fixed, it ruins the whole online racing experience. Not to mention that the Class head start in the Drag race is just stupid to begin with, there should be a matchmaking process that matches classes just like in every campaign race.

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Not a cheat nor bug nor glitch nor hacking. Its called handicap. The lower class cars get a head start. Example is ABC’S hoppers in FM6. C goes first then like 5 to 10 sec later B goes than another 5 to 10 sec A goes than another 5 to 10 sec S goes.

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If the relative performance in a straight line were used correctly to determine the brackets, it wouldn’t be a problem. As it stands, the C-class V12 swaps get an unbeatable advantage against the higher classes.

Tbf I bought a superlight just now used satniteeduardos tune drove to strip, selected manual with clutch, got a falcon at 1st go.

If you see Mercury’s or broncos leave otherwise it’s plenty fast.

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I see a bunch of broncos, cougars and Mercedes just trolling the drag strip right now because of their head starts when everyone else is doing the extreme toys challenge.

Yep…it took me 2 runs one in an Aston Martin which I realised was uncompetitive and then all of 5 minutes to commute to a horizon festival buy and tune superlight find a room without a lead sled then one run to win.

The mechanic is crap but it’s easy enough to get round it unless the Euro servers has a lower griefer population…which wouldn’t surprise me.

Nothing to do with anything other than the fact THE DEVS HAVE NO CLUE WHAT DRAG RACING REALLY IS.



As said above, not a cheat, more like an exploit. Others may have more valuable suggestions as to how to properly handicap cars than me, since all I can come up with is some time of power to weight ratio formula.

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It’s not a cheat.

It’s not a hack.

It’s not an exploit.

It’s the simple fact that if you avoid putting tires on a car you can cram a bunch of horsepower into a car without the PI going up much.

Generally folks are using the V12 lambo engine which can be max upgraded to 1515 (or something close to that) hp. Next if there is room, add awd swap which adds instant off the line grip without tires.

You can also just simply max upgrade any engine and the result are the same except with less HP.

This is the same problem mentioned in 2 other threads but I guess finally people are starting to realize it because they don’t follow leaderboards but are now forced to be competitive to get the achievement done.

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I too ran into this problem while trying to get the forzathon achievement. It was impossible to win against the Mercury and Caterham. Finally I bought a Caterham and pulled a tune from the storefront. Then I had to do 3 more races until a Mercury didn’t show up and I was able to beat the other competition. I will never play the drag racing again, it’s not even close to being competitive. PM me if you want the Caterham for cheap.

I don’t get what pleasure people get by going in and trolling the drag strip with broncos and mercurys.


I’m having the same issue. Got beat 3 times in a row by a vintage Ford p-up.
Also ran into some tool that decided to ram me off the drag strip as I passed him. Very frustrating since it’s supposed to be a “ultimate track toy” challenge.

I had someone trying the same, but I just smoked him and got the chievo.
Thanks to the tune from SatNiteEduardo in the cat.

I also wound up using a caterham, idk if I got lucky or the other guys just let me have it, I kept trying but once I won my falcon I was out. The drag racing is highly unbalanced. Personally I believe that wins should be divided up by the classes run, ie c class winner doesn’t take everything. Each car class gets a “winner” maybe a overall time winner gets a bonus. Staggered starts don’t bother me so much as a c class car with 1500 hp getting an unnecessary head start and taking the overall win. One guy in a C class merc coupe did a full donut exhibition then took off and still won by a mile totally trolled us.

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Maybe we should have a drag PI based on accel times and top speed and that determines head starts

Funny, last night, got beat 4 times in a row, was about to give up, tried one last time and there was only one racer below me in class A, another Catherham. Start the race and he/she just starts doing donuts…And I won finally. Thank you whom ever that was…

They should determine handicap by horsepower instead of PI.

Meanwhile, we need to stop crying “CHEAT!” whenever we see something we don’t understand.


Dunno. But when an fzxk can’t keep up.not here 8s an issue.