Downloaded Car Packs Day one Q code & Launch day pack but appear on the Demo of Forza Horizon 2??

Hi guys,

I’m having a slight problem with my car parks stated in the subject above:
They download fine, with the Q code & online download though when i go looking for my cars online (in game), they say they have been purchased, but appear no where.

But for some unknown reason ( i think because i owned the demo) the downloads are getting attached to the demo, instead of the the actual ‘full game’

Now I’ve uninstalled the Forza Horizon 2 demo and the car packs attached, re-downloaded the car parks via the xbox store and yet the still appear in the demo tab on my games app.

i’m kinda puzzled now and and clutching at straws…any ideas?

If installed correctly, DLC cars are added to the Autoshow for 0 credits where you buy them to transfer them to your My Cars garage.

probably best to contact someone at Xbox Support, would be a lot quicker as it would be their issue to sort out

I had the same issue after installing the full game. I uninstalled the demo, all DLC, and the full game. Reboot the console and install the full game and the DLC content again. After that it all showed up correctly and everything worked as it should.

cheers for the replies guys…everything was sorted with an uninstall/re-install and reboot .