Double standards?

Why is it that people complain about a badge missing on a car or some other slight realism ommission, but then drive on a track with driving/braking line, and/or chase cam, etc? Is it just me that finds it ironic?

I personally don’t use lines, HUD, and I love cockpit cam (Immersion is free credits for zero effort, thanks t10!) and I don’t begrudge anyone who doesnt play that way, I just find it funny that some complain about realism then play relatively unrealistically…

People have personal priorities.

Some people are detailed visual people that also love cars, and could care less about translating the video game driving experience to mimick the real world.

Some people like that adrenaline filled no assists competitive nature of the game, and could care less what the car (that you don’t see) looks like.

And some are in the middle.

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ditto what Payne said.