Don't force crossplay, make it optional please

For anyone on XBOX who is also an achievement hunter and wants to get this game to 100% completion, crossplay is a pain in this game since there is one achievement which seems to be almost impossible to get if you have to play against PC players who are mostly cheating. I am speaking about the achievement, which you have to win an Eliminator match for. So far after 50 games, I was not able to get it because of the sheer amount of people who are cheating.

Flying around the map, teleporting, speed bost, being invisible, being resistant against a challenge, spawing with level 10 cars right away and so on. I have read on serval sites and on the subreddit, that you can disable crossplay in the XBOX settings, but sadly this game seems to be forcing you to play against them, I noted down some gamertags earlier to check if this is the case and checked seem later on my XBOX and all of them who were cheating had the PC icon next to them.

It would be really nice to get an option to turn off crossplay especially in a game, which offers a battle royal mode. Didnt warzone on XBOX teached a lessong to anyone offering a battle royal mode that crossplay is a bad idea for console players?