Does playground care at all?

Will any of the weekly forza challenges be fixed before the end of the winter season? If not then playground should gift all players the reward cars for the festival playlist since its not possible to complete the weekly list due to bugs and glitches. Does playground even actually care?

While I agree with you on that because of the bugs some are experimenting… I doubt hard they will do that, maybe some compensation but I doubt. As for me, I did all the challenges needed to get enough points for the cars. I skipped pvp always I could and I know others did it as well, so sadly if its broken for a few or half of the community thats enough reason to PG to not compensate anything prob.

Tbh one of the things I hate the most from this big companies is the silence… they should say something at least, this is bad on our end perspective. Remain silent till the patch or fix is launched is imo the worst you can do, and ppl lose all the hopes and respect for the company. Even if in the end is fixed.


Its cool that it works well enough for you to get the cars but its not possible for me since it reset my festival progress twice and now wont accept anything to completion. Just like the arcade is broke af. Always alone and unable to earn any points.

By far hands down the most garbage forza release to date.


Not only for me, a lot of other players did it. It seems that this bugs need to trigger in some way, I found some of them, but this has to be broken for a lot of more players if you want PG even care about it.

Have we got any info yet? So…

PGG don’t make it a habit of giving anything as compensation for broken features…I am thinking back to after the Steam launch where, for the better part of a month, online stuff (including convoys) was broken for those not on a Series S/X…we didn’t even get an apology for that one!

Regarding the Playlist, it is completeable…I did the entire playlist (bar the dailies) last Thursday. Admittedly, I got lucky with the Arcade


In my opinion you have some problem on your console or PC.
I played and completed all the playlist’s activities since the early access, included also that of today.
The only activity that I did not completed was the daily of the expedition.
I’m the proof that there aren’t bug in the game (excluding that of the expedition and of the story chapter).

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It’s not usual to see this here!

No, it’s proof you don’t understand the issues some people have. I mean for example, some people are able to complete a certain thing because they’ve never done it before, right? But if they have, then the game doesn’t recognise when they do it again. There are all kinds of glitches like that, so just because everything works for you does not mean the game is fine. I mean, I could close my eyes and run across a road and not get run over, it doesn’t suddenly mean it will work if you do it (don’t try this kids).

Like the photo bug, I didn’t have it - but only because I hadn’t taken a photo of that car before. People who had, couldn’t do the daily to take a photo of it, because the game got confused. It gets confused a lot.


You’re proof that there aren’t any bugs in the game, but then mention 2 bugs… lol… not. Plus the photo bug, plus some other bugs. As for seasonal, it will not matter. If the game doesn’t give everyone seasonal due to bugs you are usually gifted the prize, whatever that is.


For this season I already have both season cars and got all 6 weekly cars the last three weeks and Im pretty sure I get the two weekly cars for next week to.

It is possible to get enough points. The existing bugs are anoying some times but I can tell for PC they are not gamebreaking.
And Im also pretty sure that they care and all mayor bugs will be fixed within the next updates but it will take a few month…

Not gamebreaking? sure, if you completely avoid the festival playlist lol. But in the moment you want the second price of the seasonal playlist, you are already screwed because there is not way to claim it. The necessary events to reach those points are broken, they dont count towards the completion.

So, sure, right now people is still discovering the game, but in a month or two, some people will be starting to be very BORED and they will rely on the festival playlist to keep the entertainment up. And to reach the points needed for the second rewards you need to do at least two online PVP events. Because playground games, again , in its idiotic wisdom are again forcing players to do things they dont want/like to get a frikkin reward. As always, nothing changed since FH4.

If that doesnt work completely fine by then, i know half of the playerbase is going to fly and get away from this game as fast as possible.

And so you know, what is NOT gamebreaking for you, could be for others. I barely play as of late because of the annoying lighting system and i am already burned out of the idiotic mouse problem, having to move the cursor to the edge every frikkin time. For me, these two problems in a long term are gamebreaking. In fact i barely play anymore, but well i still do. I didnt name the other big problems because well, thats something that affects everybody. So theres no point.


Here’s how I see it. We’re playing a game that’s 85% finished and riddled with obvious bugs. The game was pushed out the door too early to have time for a Black Friday marketing blitz. PG probably sold a ton of copies this past Friday through today and is banking on most of those copies not being played for another month. In the meantime, those of us playing now are stuck with a frustrating experience. Whether PG realizes it or not, they are creating a lot of bad faith within their core customer base. I will not buy another Forza title anywhere near the day of release. I will wait at least two or three months and pay close attention to this forum and other player reviews. Fool me once …


I’ve completed all seasons so far. Despite the couple of daily Forzathon challenges not registering it’s still possible to get 61 points / 100% completion provided you complete an Arcade event and score full points.

We don’t know what 100% is yet. Arcade is also bugged.

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Simply put. No. They don’t care. If they did the game wouldn’t still be completely broken over 3 weeks after launch. If they cared they would have fixed it already or at least updated the community. Instead they have gone 10 days without even saying a word. They should be embarrassed.


And the fact that WE PLAYERS are finding new BUGS DAILY is just embarrassing. should have released MOTORSPORT first and gave FH5 another 6 months imo. this BETA version is not stable enough to play consistently without problems.


Nailed it in one WW45.Big-up-respec’ :o)

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I thought they might have said something today actually. At least make a public announcement whether we need the expedition daily, in order to get the series completion achievement. Otherwise it will take another whole month which is a ton of work.

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Playground Games is a studio owned by Xbox/Microsoft.

Microsoft’s endgame in the industry is to control it as undisputed leader (hence the heavy Game Pass investment) and turn every game into a “Windows” (something you release as-is and update). In this model, number of users and playtime is what matters, not so much sales. For example, the vast majority of Windows’ revenue is earned through deals with enterprises and OEMs, not outright sales.

Considering it has been revealed that Microsoft’s CEO earns a bonus on top of meeting Game Pass targets and also that a third-party can make a deal with Game Pass based on number of players, we can assume Microsoft’s internal studios also have some form of bonus when it comes to increasing playtime and commitment to Game Pass.

Most if not all of Microsoft’s studios follow a Windows-like update schedule: monthly patches with only glaring issues fixed in-between. Clearly they thought the Jeep was a glaring issue, because, if players win more Super Wheelspins, it increases their chance of winning rare cars, which reduces their playtime.

So yes, they care. They care about the goals their employer set for them. If most people have fun in the game while ignoring its issues, then the issues are not an immediate concern to Playground. For anyone else, there’s always the next patch.