Does AI use assists?

I always play with everything turned off, including ABS. And this rises the question: what about AI? Is it using same settings as me, or it has say traction control only with cars, which have traction control in real life?

I recently played Project Cars 2, and in this game looks like AI uses assists if they available on real car. For some cars it is just impossible to keep up with AI with everything turned off, you just keep spinning and AI keeps winning.

In Forza I can keep up with 80% AI (except Sebring) but sometimes getting the first place is quite hard

AI uses everything because it was easier to implement and it works for a long time. They worked on other version but it was too fast so maybe this concept will come on M8.

Well, I don’t know what to think. In Forza 7 many features sometimes work and sometimes don’t. Take for example Rewind, one of my favorite feature of the game. Sometimes it stops working on the last straight, sometimes in the middle of the last lap, you newer know. Drives me mad.

Or AI. I usually have hard time driving Spa against Pro AI, but last time I passed every AI opponent in 1.5 laps. AI seems to be drunk in this race. It was driving slow, than one car smashed into another and everybody stopped except first AI. And in one lap first AI drove into gravel: