Documentation, User Manual, Guide?

I apologize for asking such an elementary question, but I’m forty-six years old and am used to learning software through trial and error and referring to documentation.

Is there any electronic or printed documentation available for Forza 6? If so, where?

The game seems impossibly realistic and fun, and I’d like to be more competent in it.

Thank you.

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I am nearly complete filling in menus and other details in this FM6 Game/Features FAQ thread, which may provide what you’re looking for. You can also select Help in the game’s Pause menus for some basic descriptions. If you list some specifics below I’ll be happy to cover them or link to resources that can help.


I, too, am new to simulation. I have been racing real cars for years and am preparing to drive the Nürburgring. I purchased the Xbox One and Forza 6 to learn the track and develop my muscle memory. I just loaded Forza 6 and it took me straight to racing. I really have no interest racing in a gaming environment right now, but do want to focus on the Ring without the distraction of other cars, etc. I think I have clicked on everything and cannot figure it out. I am hoping there is some type of user guide. Welcome suggestions. Thank you, Newbie

follow the link in Manteo Max’s post or look at the top pinned threads of the page

you do need to complete the first 3 races to open the rest of the game up though