Do we really want Shadow/LOD pop on trees?

Hi all,

This might sound like a silly question but for some people myself included Shadow/LOD pop on trees is really distracting and reduces immersion.

Do we really want all the extra detail on the trees in the game if the trade off is Shadow/LOD pop?

I mean we don’t really pick up on the extra detail in the trees when driving by at 100mph but the Shadow/LOD pop is easy to spot.

Now this doesn’t mean going back to 2D trees, in the trailers(s) I can see the trees are fully 3D and quite detailed until the camera is quite close and then the extra detail comes in. I’d like a setting that just stops the last detail step if possible.

Would anyone else preferer they didn’t have that last step of detail that causes the pop and instead leave that extra detail for say the photo mode (or have a toggle setting)?

Let’s take another game as an example, Assetto Corsa Competizione is a great looking game but I think it’s visuals are spoiled a lot by this very thing and there’s really nothing in the settings that gives you a way to git rid of the Shadow/LOD pop on trees. I’ve tried on my PC with an RTX 3090 and you just can’t do it. Your best option is to race in overcast light to reduce it.

I can totally understand your point. I had the same feeling with Forza Horizon 5. I didn’t play it for a few weeks and suddenly found out that playground has fixed the issue somehow on PC. Now there is barely any tree detail pop in on PCand I love it. It makes the immersion so much denser.

I really love the fact that Turn 10 adds Raytracing and dynamic light. So I am willing to sacrifice some of the solidity of the world in benefit of that. What I don’t understand, though, is why its always foreground detail that has to pop in, when LOD-changing background stuff could be hidden by detailed forground items.

Didn’t notice it in the trailer. But ideally I’d say the graphic setting options should be fairly robust for both PC and console. There should be basic options for people to brainlessly set, of course, but there should also be advanced options for people who want to disable certain graphical effects that annoy them. Personally I like to turn bloom way down and turn off motion blur and depth of field when I have the chance.