Do people still play Forza 6? I'm looking to buy an Xbox One

How populated is the Forza Motorsport 6 community? I’m looking to buy an Xbox One so I can play it. I’ve gone bored with Horizon and want to do more realistic drag racing and track circuits.

There are still plenty of people playing forza 6.

Lobbies and leagues are well populated, except the NASCAR and Porsche leagues are pretty much dead.

Thank you very much for the answer, THR 7Motorsport.

I bought both xbox one and forza 6 ultimate edition + all dlcs and I don’t regret it. I believe that both the game and the console worth every penny. Even though I haven’t play mp yet, cause I’m new to forza series, I enjoy every second on this game!

I’ve had forza six since it came out and I play all the time in D Class lobbies online. So if D class is where you want to hang your hat, you’ll see me there.

I do work 50-60 hours a week and my fiancé is not crazy about me hogging the TV, but I still play an hour or two every evening in EST. There’s always multiple D class lobbies going I’ve never been put into an empty room yet.

Don’t do it.

The wreckers have made online impossible. I’ve had two evenings in a row where two out of every three races about a third of the field is intentionally crashing people. If Gran Turismo implements a system that promotes clean competition I’m done with this. It’s a complete waste of my limited play time.


Hoppers can be bad at times but keep an eye out for the clean ppl - strike up a convo with them, sometimes its as simple as “good race” or “nice pass” and next thing you know you have 12 new racing friends. Not a week goes by where i haven’t met a new racer who then becomes “a regular”.

There’s plenty of people like me who generally only race in hoppers with friends of all different skillsets and we all have each others back. It makes the wreckfest much more pleasant when you have a good set of ppl in a party with eyes and ears all over the track so you know who and where the problem children are. Plus i must admit its sometimes hilarious when a friend or 3 decide to give some payback to THAT GUY who is no-braking everyone.

But in answer to the original q theres heaps of ppl still playing 6 daily, hell theres even ppl still playing 5!

Concur whole heartedly.

Unless you run in the Ghost leagues. Which I enjoy.

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This is true. I do enjoy ghost leagues. Unfortunately if you don’t like the cars that were chosen for the week you’re out of luck.

… I agree with everyone here…
Public hoppers are only a very small part of the game. If you are looking for a more ‘civilized’ racing experience, I suggest finding a club or as mentioned above, a group of like minded drivers to meet up with while lobby hopping. Public hoppers have always been a wild mix of skills and attitudes… and the ‘can’t let go of the gas’ crowd. LOL… Funny thing, most learn how to drive fast BEFORE leaning how to control cars! It’s like throwing your 3 year old kid on a bicycle and giving him/her a big ol’ push down the driveway, WITHOUT teaching the kid where the brakes are! lol

In a word: YES.
And so do wreckers.

If you do go online I find ABC’S lobbies to be pretty good for the most part, smaller groups equals less carnage.