Do I need counseling???

Depends of what you’re on Forza and Facebook.

Simple answer. Move your Xbox out the kitchen. That way she won’t bother you any more.

JK ;p

There is an Update coming for that if you have the usb cable You can be fixed soon !

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Sell ​​your Xbox and allow more time for your girlfriend, there are more important things in life than playing Forza…


Depending on girlfriend, Forza can be a LOT more important than her. It’s certainly cheaper. Quality girlfriends aren’t cheap to maintain. :stuck_out_tongue:

If Forza is more important then you have the wrong girlfriend :slight_smile:

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I take it you are still in the honeymoon period…it won’t last (jk) :wink:

I am divorced and unemployed and can play how much Forza I want, but I would trade it for the right one without hesitation :slight_smile:

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Which is the one who let you play forza right ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh where is the bucket! :wink:

Just messing with you :smiley: good luck!

That might depend on your age a little. Us old folk can only do certain things 15-20 times a week compared to the 35-40 times a week we did when we were young :slight_smile:

20 times a week? Jeezus, doesn’t sound like Forza is getting in the way of anything, that’s impressive.

Xbox is cheaper than a girlfriend
Does not ask too much from you
You can get noise cancelling headsets to mute out said girlfriend
Xbox will always be there for you
It won’t try to run off with another console
Only ever asks for a few £/$ a month
You tell it what to do and it wont answer back :smiley:

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I like your thinking.

And for the OP, if I spent that much time on Forza or just my Xbox in general, I would be divorced by now, so the fact that your GF is still around is great. I wouldn’t worry about it. Just keep going. Your GF needs to realize there are worse things you could be doing than playing video games. :slight_smile:

Actually, she has been pretty cool about it all. She’s been swamped with work and is usually sitting in the same room, only she is focused on her laptop. Since I’m in construction, and its been a lousy winter, I’ve had lots of free time. She hates to go out in the cold anyway, so it hasn’t been a problem. The warm weather is here now though, work has picked up and we’ll be going out more (probably to buy shoes). I’ll still find time to get some laps in, just much fewer of them.

Only real problem is that I keep looking for the brake line while driving on regular roads now :slight_smile:

If your GF is not Ok with your hobbies, she’s not the right one for you.

As for me, with 4 kids in the house + GF , my game time is about inexistent

I went through all of that. My daughter graduated college 4 years ago though, so now its my time. In 6 years, my GF has never had a problem with being a football widow on Sundays in the fall, so she’s pretty good with my hobbies. She keeps stealing closet space though :slight_smile:

Yeah “you” as a girl maybe.
But not Lou :stuck_out_tongue:

I need some, not a whole lot, but some. My house has six closets and she has 5-1/2 of them filled up. Its a good thing there aren’t any kids in the house…