DLC questions

I have ordered a Xbone and Forza 5, I plan on getting the season pass and all the future DLC. Some questions about the DLC I have are :

  1. Is the season pass still available for purchase?
  2. Can you purchase the yellowbird DLC separately or was it just a collectors edition only thing?
  3. When does the DLC packs that the season pass entitles you to end?
  1. Yes, the Car Pass is still available for purchase from the marketplace.
  2. The Yellowbird is not relegated to LCE purchases - it is a VIP vehicle and can be acquired by purchasing a VIP membership from the marketplace.
  3. The Car Pass was expanded and will expire following the release of July’s car pack.

1 - Yes
2 - List of FM5 cars with links to their DLC packs
3 - stickied at the top of the forum: FM5 Game FAQ, Add-ons: “What comes with the Car Pass?”