DLC Porsche Cars Can't Be Purchased In Game Auction

I don’t know how important this is but I was TIER 4 with a much higher FORZA TOTAL, but the numbers jumped dramatically down.

It’s not really relevant to the issue concerning the Porsche
You could be tier one and purchase the DLC and receive the Porsche

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If you haven’t purchased the Porsche DLC you will only be able to purchase (AH) and win those that are available via forzathons

None of the DLC ones will be available that way without purchasing the DLC.

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Someone here was MAD enough to remove my TIER and FORZA TOTAL when I’m innocent here. Just because the first person scream PIRATE.

Why let cars on the auction no one can purchase?

I can purchased all the Porche cars for $7 or single one. If I purchased one from them, will they let me buy the rest from the auction?

Whoever took away my my TIER and FORZA TOTAL should now realize they acted too fast. I don’t know how important they are. If they are, then I’d like to get them back :smiley:

i give up Brick wall meet my head pound pound pound pound no still not getting any sense just pain will try harder, pound pound pound crack, OK now I have concussion and all is clear.


First of all, it’s probably just a glitch in the system. They cannot take away your tier and total.

If you purchase one of the Porsches, you will only be able to purchase that one model on the Auction House, not all of them.

People that purchased the Porsche pack can buy the cars on the Auction house, which is why people are allowed to sell them.

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Forza score shown is a little buggy at times, sometimes it will jump back down to Tier 1 when you post, but it’s still your actual level in the rewards screen.

As for your second question, people can buy them from the auction house, provided they’ve bought the DLC.


Why people put them on the auction then?

I have all the DLC (OWNED) except the Porsche listed there I can get for $7.

I’ll just purchase the DLC Porsche for $7 which give me all the cars

You’d be surprised. And disappointed.

Sounding like a broken record here, but yes, you need to purchase the DLC that those cars contain in order to buy them from the Auction House. Buying a single car will only allow you to purchase that single car from the Auction House. Just for sake here, the Porsche Car Pack is not included in the Car Pass, which came in the Ultimate Edition of the game. Be sure to claim your one-time freebie from the Autoshow first before buying some from the Auction House though!

Why people put them up there then? That’s up to the player I suppose.

And in regards to the Forza Tier stuff, it glitches all the time. Out of curiosity, is this your first Forza game and/or are you on PC? I seem to notice quite a few first-time PC players being Tier 2 with 350 points. They ultimately reflect little to nothing in regards to these forums. Be sure to check your Forza Rewards, either on this site or the Forza Hub app, to see what your true Tier and point count is.


My TIER went back to 4 then down to 2 again.

I’m on PC and this is my first FORZA GAME

Thanks xJonxMonx56

This thread is gold! The Aston Martin (which is the 100% correct name for this stunning manufacturer regardless of model) argument is hilarious! I’m from the UK and can assure you it’s always been and always will be Aston then Martin!!



If you do not own the DLC you cannot buy the DLC vehicles.


That’s all there is to it. Auction house or autoshow.

There is nothing “sneaky” about it. You don’t have the content purchased and tried to get it from another player, when that has never been how DLC has worked or should work.

After two pages I’d hope this thread gets closed because this is just an invitation for criticism of the OP.


ugh somebody lock this please, I mean seriously.


Is this some sort of troll thread

Who has ever thought they could buy DLC cars without purchasing the DLC to begin with


1 forum tier is glitchy.

2 dlc cars can be auctioned by and for dlc owners.

3 if you want to buy, sell or drive those Porsches you need to pay the $7.


This thread is the funniest thing I’ve seen in days. Even funnier than my mirror! haha

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