Division leaderboards

Hey everyone can someone please tell me what the division leaderboards are based on are the based on body type or league racing or something else
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Based on the Divisions used in Stories of Motorsport. You can see eligible cars by creating a lobbying in Multiplayer and going to Options/Car Restrictions, and setting a division.


So if you set a time for various cars will it show kl triple divisions or just whatever division your highest time is?

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As far as I know, Division means the league divisions. As you play multiplayer, you will get sorted into a league from 1-5 (1 being the best).

Anyone know how the the scoring is calculated for the leagues?

I am guessing that you get 100 points per person you beat or something like that. Not 100% sure though, but this seems like the basic formula.

This has changed into two subjects:

The OP was referring to the divisions leader board sort option for time trials. This has nothing at all to do with leagues and is a filter for showing cars in groupings.

As for leagues I think the scoring in the league leader board is indeed 100 for each car passed. I’m unsure whether getting top of leader board has any impact on being promoted though as a really good driver may not play much amassing few points and a really bad one may play lots!

It may just decide end of league credit pay out with behind the scenes calculation determining promotion.

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Thanks guys and sorry for the mixup

Maybe I’m lining myself up for an online lambasting, but I can’t seem to find the answer to this.

Under the Leaderboards there’s a few new sorting options, one of which is “Sort by Division”. What does this mean? Car type? Assists Used?

I can understand “Hardcore”, and “Regions”, but I’m not quite grasping this “Division” category.

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It relates to the groupings in career mode, so whatever your fastest time on that track is it will look at your car and compare with others that are in same grouping in career mode… I.e. one of the 6 groups of cars in each series.


That makes sense. I thought it was more like a sport reference, meaning it had to do with my location in the United States. Like State or time zone, or something like that.

Has anyone figured out anything more on these TWO topics; I’m interested in both:

  1. Curious to know how scoring works in league racing. Do you get more points by finishing first or having the fastest clean lap? About how many points do you earn if you reach the podium?

  2. If I have two times with two different cars (that are in different divisions), will the Rivals leaderboard show my division time depending on the car I’m in? For example I have lots of top division times in my A class 360 CS. If I race the same track with a different car in a different division, will it show a new division leaderboard? I understand all the other leaderboards will show whichever lap is your fastest.

Can help with second question, The leaderboards will only show yur overall fastest division car. So you set time in Modern Muscle yu need a better time for example with a track toy to show this on the boards.

Cool thanks.

Don’t get the Leaderboards at all ran yesterday all day beat my time over and over and it only posted one time and it was the first time I ran beat it a lot wow Lost here

Division has to do with the vehicles drive type I believe, so a FWD car swapped to RWD will show as the same division as a plain ol RWD car. That’s how I see it anyways. It doesn’t relate to just career mode, but the whole game any time you post a time.

Only thing I can say is that you ran a dirty time. That is the only time it wont update if you beat your old time.

If the lap wasn’t dirty, the only other reason it wouldn’t have taken a faster time is if it was in one of the cars that has been flagged to be fixed, such as the '65 Mini, the Fiat X1/9 and a couple of others. They aren’t allowed to post any new leaderboard times. Current top times set with these cars will eventually be removed from the LBs.