Division for Birth of Stock Car Racing

TLDR: A new division for historical American stock cars would be a perfect home for many of the former “hot-rod” division classic cars of prior games & would give these cars a home & a reason to return.

Most of us expect that at some point the “Rods & Customs” & “Hot-Rod Revival” division cars will come back in FM23. At least the more “serious” ones. However, those divisions need to be left behind.

When the car reveals came to a close & the car divisions were revealed, I noticed a huge lack of anything resembling the Hot Rod Revival or Rods & Customs category. Which was both great & horrible at the same time. The lack of the “hot rod” related divisions was good, because that title of division made no sense to chalk these cars up as just “hot-rods”. However, I was right that it meant most of the beloved, iconic, legendary & beautiful classic American cars from prior games were missing at launch.

The reason I strongly dislike the “hot rod revival” or “rods & customs” categories is because throwing cars like the '57 Bel-Air, '52 Hornet & '64 Impala etc. in categories like that ignores something very important about them: practically all of them have had genuine racing heritage! Especially the large American coupes, as they were all NASCAR stock cars at some point. Are we just going to ignore iconic race cars like Smokey Yunick’s '57 Chevy or the Fabulous Hudson Hornet? Smokey Yunick was the biggest name in NASCAR before Richard Petty, and I don’t even need to say anything about the Hornet. Why not turn this division into something actually motor sports related & have a “Birth of Stock Car Racing” division? Even the '32 Fords were used in NASCAR “modifieds” racing!

Devs, I know you guys are focusing on track racing. But I’m sure I don’t have to remind you guys that classic road cars raced too. Yanno…it’s kinda what started the single biggest racing series in the entire U.S. :upside_down_face:

It seems pretty common to find people who think that classic road cars like the Bel-Air, Impala, Fury etc. aren’t for racing games like this, so I think putting them in a division that rightfully acknowledges their racing heritage would be nice, & it would also remind the naysayers that they’re simply wrong for thinking that. :man_shrugging: The Hudson Hornet is just as deserving of being in a race game as the other classics in the game & certainly moreso than a 2010s Nissan Sentra & Dodge Dart.

To go over the list of stock cars we’re missing from prior games, we have:
No Bel-Air (perhaps the most iconic classic car of all time)
No Hudson Hornet (perhaps the most iconic stock car of all time)
No '64 Impala
No Plymouth Fury
No '40 Ford (the car that started stock car racing in the first place)
No '32 Ford.
No '49 Mercury
No ‘55 210 (which should really be added back as a Bel-Air)
No '64 Plymouth Belvedere

Other missing classics like the C1 Corvette, & Thunderbird are more for classic sport car divisions, & the '59 Cadillac & '62 Lincoln could be thrown in the stock car category as they fit the mantra, although they weren’t officially ever used in stock car racing to my knowledge.

As of right now there is not a single American car older than 1962. And no American road cars until 1965. (all of which are just muscle cars). T10 has thus far just completely ignored every classic American car that isn’t an old Muscle Car or full fledged race car. I totally understand that not every car is going to return from the old games. People are bummed about no EG Civic, but at least there are plenty of other Civics. People are bummed about no Murcielago but at least there are plenty of other Lamborghinis. But for classic American car enthusiasts, we don’t have a single alternative. We get literally nothing. An entire huge section of the car community is just completely ignored. Replacing the Hot-Rods division with this could solve that issue, as I understand a more serious racing game has no need for “hot-rods”, but there absolutely is a need for more representation of American racing history in this game.

Now with the newly added & beautiful '64 Plymouth Belvedere we have yet another car that would be literally perfect for this category! After all, it’s famous FOR it being Petty’s first HEMi car in NASCAR!

Yeah but it belongs under spec division as American classics

I think a spec class for classic stock car racing would be way fun, no reason to drop the fact they have racing heritage. That’s kind’ve the point I’m trying to make here.

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Why not do
And rotate regions,
There’s an argument to be made for every car producing country
I’m Australian
Personally I’d love to see
70’s 80’s 90’s and 2000’s V8 Supercars

I absolutely agree :+1: and would love to see global racing history, from America, Australia - Z.

I’d love to learn more history on racing from other corners of the globe I grew up watching loving Bathurst as an Australian citizen

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yes more of this lets see some 70’s monte carlos and cordova’s and for torino’s this is a must !

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Does the Jaguar XK120 qualify for this division too?

It’s not a stock car but deserving of being in the game alongside other classic sports cars like the C1 Corvette, Fiat 8V etc