Distance driven and time driven bug

With the ford racing puma FE (main car ive used so this is the only thing i can speak for) the distance driven and time driven dont match the overall stats, the distance driven with the car states ive driven 9,561 miles and time driven is 74 hours, but it doesnt match up with the overall stats, in the my stats menu for overall it states ive driven for 6 hours and driven 691 miles, which is drastically different from the the car specific stat

You could file a bug report. But there is no guarantee of a fix…

Same issue was in FH4 and was never fixed. Can’t remember if it was in FH3 as well. So in the 3 years of FH4 it was never fixed so wouldn’t expect the issue to be fixed in FH5 anytime soon.

that sucks :frowning:

I don’t know why they don’t just take it out then. At least you get rid of a bug by taking it out.