Discussion: Most underappreciated car in Forza Horizon 2

As the title says,

Lets get a discussion going. (as i couldn’t find a topic like this). What do you lads / lasses believe is the most underappreciated car in this Forza game. Which case have you used the blew you away even though you though it might be… meh at best.

Let me start off, Renault Alpine. Though it would bore me… it didn’t.

Not that this car is by any means “meh” but the C63 AMG. I knew it was a fast car but after racing my friends C7 'vette on the airport runway I really learned that this car when kept in the A class is the best car you can use. It blows any A class car that I have raced so far pretty badly. It starts off the line pretty slowly due to the massive power but once it gets rolling it reels in cars like no one’s business. Anyone who’s down for a drag race add me! :slight_smile: GT: TannerOstrich70 (Xbox One)

I appreciate them all, in all honesty.

They’re all in here for a reason. I personally like driving every car.

That said, the Jag XK120 seems like a car many might overlook. It was the fastest production car in the world when it was introduced and still stands in my eyes as one of the most beautiful cars ever made.

There are a lot of good sleepers in FH2. The Renault Alpine you mention also impressed me, it was a lot of fun to drive.

I like the old classics best! :wink:

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Ferrari Dino. It’s my favorite classic car and never gets any love. Not a mention anywhere. #2 for me would be the Challenge Stradale. An amazing car with a great interior.


The Megane is underrated. It sounds pretty nice this time (Xbox One) and isn’t to bad fully upgraded considering it’s FWD. I use manual with clutch and no assists, and still that car doesn’t produce much wheelspin and handles great.

I thought the '93 Clio wouldn’t be much. I used it for a Retro Hot Hatch event, since I got it “free,” but it sure is fun to drive.

Also, I upgraded the 2000 Mustang Cobra R to A class, and it’s a blast to throw around. I never hear about anyone raving about it, though.

In the first horizon, I had my A class Fiat 500 that was just a tiny terror. Way better than it had any right too be. In this one, I’ve tried to recreate the magic with the 595 esseesse. It’s in the middle of the B class, with a fully upgraded OEM motor and chassis. In showdowns, I rarely see other players before I’m relaxing at the finish line. But the Willys Jeep with Vette power tuned to the top of S2 has also been a lot of fun. It’ll blow the doors off a Challenge Stradale off the line, and pull a little over a full lateral G at speed. AND it has a shovel. I think it might be the purer successor to my little old cinquocente.

I took the Acura RSX Type-S and converted it to RWD, and MAN it can drift. Never expected it, but I thought, “OK, let’s do something crazy.” It worked out beautifully.

I thougnt the VW Type 2 De Luxe (Van) would suck until I drove it… The best drift car ever

The Lancia Fulvia. I thought it looked pretty nice, but didn’t expect much from it. Decided to use it for the Classic rally championship, and now it is by far my most used car, I absolutely love it.

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Got to agree, changed it to RWD and I love it, almost as much as my MK2 Escort RS1800.

Mini Works GP. Amazing little car. Keep it stock, loves to be thrown around corners especially using the handbrake!!!

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The F100 is a lot more fun to drive than it looks. Especially on dirt roads.

Mine has the “street” carburetor, exhaust, brakes, springs, sway bars and (I think) tires. Everything else is stock.

There’s hardly any weight on the back, so it slides around easily on dirt (without sliding so much that it’s hard to control), and it’s got a pretty good power to weight ratio. It’ll average about 75 MPH on that dirt road west of Nice, and you can just stay in 4th gear the whole time. It’s definitely my favorite car for driving on dirt.

I almost never see anyone driving it online, though. Everyone’s just driving up and down the landing strip in X Class hypercars all the time. :confused:

My surprise is the Merc 190 Evo II. Tuned to A with 4 wheel drive. Su much fun on- and offroad.

Ferrari 250 california

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TV Sagaris, hands down crazy loony tree-loving (in the bad kind of way) tail happy slidy sports, and it shouldn’t be any other way.

Fully tuned with minimal power additions and it’s still a trail happy thing.

I’m a big fan of the Mustang Cobra R and the Mercury Eight.

Audi RS5. Excellent grand tourer and very good looking car.

So far, the Ford Capri. Before playing the game it just looked to me like another niche grocery-getter. Obviously though it’s a lot more than that :stuck_out_tongue:

1968 Abarth 595 esseesse fully built, rwd. I also really like the Ford Capri with the original engine fully built, suspension, gearbox, etc, etc, but completely stock tire compound tire width.