Discussion about Forza Horizon Physics

Hello fellow gamers,

Before we go any further I want to say that I enjoy this game a lot, it has the most things to offer since every Forza ever, and it seems there are no more unique unaccessible unicorn.
So life’s great.
I just wanted to discuss about the physics in Horizon. As every one knows it’s supposed to use the ForzaTech Engine.
First I want to point out that developers Playground Games and Turn10 are both working hand on hand to bring a realistic and extensive experience of driving on an open world. The engineers worked on renowned racing games. I think they know their aim and as of now they delivered a very refined gameplay experience.
I’ve heard some times that Horizon is aimed at a more arcade or younger audience. I want to to correct that. I think that this statement is not true. This would reflect more the reality : Forza Horizon endeavours to bring a realistic experience with a natural feeling of driving but with a broaden emphasis on action, fun and chilled out driving experience with a very deeply modelled atmosphere and ambience surrounding the core mechanics of an open world (driving) game. Which is the outstanding feature Horizon has managed to achieve !

I didn’t want to make a too long introductory post.
So after some feedbacks, I’ll discuss what hurts me a bit those physics. Especially that I find it too imprecise (nobody follows perfectly the lines, especially at high speed or sharp turns) arcadey (steering and drifting handling) and the collision physics are not so enthusiastic to get about. Or the water, sand and off-road driving which is way too unrealistic, nobody has the real feeling to drive on real grass or mud, like in rally game.

Thanks for reading

You know unicorns are confirmed for FH3 right?

S14 Silvia.
Halo Warthog.

They are unlockable through achievements. Have you seen it ?
75’000 drift points in a Trueno, and
Win a “King” game mode with an extrem off-road vehicle for the Warthog.
Source : the game itself

Where in the game did you see those?

You can see the upcoming Forzathon events in Achievements.

Here’s the thread for discussing physics and handling feel: