Perfect timing…
I’ve got disconnected right after race 3 in online racing 3 times in a row.
So just before getting the rewards. So when i throw my console out of the window its on you forza. My lawyer will contact you soon. But really… fix it. Its getting pretty annoying. And every fix seems to bring more bugs with it concentrate on the main game play and stop adding more mario kart sh… t. Whats next ? Adding rockets to eliminate other players? Would be cool tho🤔

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:roll_eyes: Good luck with that.

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I hope he was joking, cause that sounded goofy as hell

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The disconnects and network drops with this game are getting worse with every “update” to “fix” the problem.

XBoneS and 3 mb/s. Level 600 and never ever got disconnected in Open so far. Never thought someone have a worse combo than me. I should feel lucky.

Are they?

I’ve been playing since day one of the pre-release when it truly was a broken mess.

The connection issues are one of the few areas they’ve managed to improve as far as I can tell.


Ofcourse i was joking

I’ve been playing since pre-release too. And never had the problem. So its the other way arround with me.
So thats why is said ‘every fix brings a new problem’.
But sh…t happens! And i’m a die-hard. I’ll just have to do things twice.

I’m sorry if my english isnt what it should be. Spend more hours on gaming than i ever did on school.

Current state of this garbage game.
I was a huge keep the positive attitude personality for this game.
I smiled and grinned - and kept saying, just give them some time, it will get better.
What an idiot am I!
Specs:- 1000 Megs dwn / 30 up
I work from home - and never have disconnect issues.

Console:- Xbox One S - never again . . .
At this time:
I have a headset, and can hear everyone, but can’t talk to anyone. - known issue with Xbox and this game I guess. And yes, I have updated firmware everywhere possible.
I get a continual disconnect / network error pop ups literally every 30 seconds.
Most recently, I don’t see a single player on the map, just like it was prior to the - upgrade.
So, I can’t join any group sessions without a mic.
I can’t join any Twitch streamers, because it’s silly if can’t talk.
I can’t even do a heads up challenge if I wanted.

Conclusion:-for me, this is now a total piece of garbage single player game I no longer have any interest in playing.

Great job PPG - you have succeeded in losing yet another avid FH5 gamer.

Welcome to the dark side my friend

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I don’t doubt the game is throwing issues at you. Having been around for a while, I’m sure you’ve noticed it has a habit of doing that.

I bet there are few among us not guilty of that to varying degrees.

Quite often disconnected when playing on PC over Wifi, very little when playing on XBox connected by cable. The latter in almost all cases an ISP issue. So yes the game may be faulty here but also have a good look your own stuff. Generally speaking.

Need to amend my prior rant a bit.

I just received numerous emails that XBOX One is having major server issues that are causing all sorts of mayhem in the Xbox world.

Need to place the blame where the blame should be.

The funny thing though, all of my streaming is through the Xbox.
No issues at all watching Hulu, Netflix or Crunchy Roll, etc . . .
The only issue:- staying logged in on FH5…

I’m on xbox one s, cable internet, spectrum. And I must say, it’s one of the best internet connections I’ve ever had. Near 100% up time. Excellent speed. Don’t recall my numbers right off. But every time I have disconnect issues I check my internet first and it is always good. Most common fix for the problem seems to be a hard reset of the xbox.

If you are having intermittent disconnection issues and don’t believe your internet/modem/router is at fault then try add a switch between your Xbox and your modem/router and see if that stabilizes your connection.

I’m 100% sure these disconnect issues are FH5 related. My internet can support Xbox gaming FH4, FH5, NFS, FM7, and my wife can do her zoom meetings without any connection issues. The disconnect errors only happen with FH5. They tend to appear more often after the game sits idle for an extended time period. Makes me think it’s probably some kind of buffer overrun error in the programming. If I do a hard reset on the xbox it goes away. But like I said, it’s only affecting FH5.

Interesting thought but how will adding an additional component in between help stabilize?
If it’s the servers, the problems remain. Same goes if the modem/router is the culprit. Adding a switch to a single port of the modem/router will sometimes make things worse as traffic from multiple MACS need to be processed, oversimplified of course.
It could reduce load on the router if you reconnect more devices from the router to the switch as local traffic does not need pass the router anymore. Again simplified.
A lot depends on the amount or type of traffic other device need to exchange over the internet in a case like this.

Back in FH4 I had a similar issue. My internet was blazingly fast and stable and I had no issues with other games except for FH4. So I researched it and someone suggested using a switch. So I said f it and purchased one and for whatever reason it worked!