Disconnected from session...

Sup guys,

Every time I have attempted to join a multiplayer race, whether it be a Class race or special event like the ABC’S it’s the same thing, game starts with only a few people and about 20 seconds in the screen goes black and it returns me to the multiplayer home and tells me I have been disconnected from the session. I also find it odd that every time that I look for a lobby I only find lobbies with one or two people in them. I’ve been playing COD and other games with no issues. Anyone else having this issue or have an answer for it? Rivals works, the leaderboards work, everything else seems to be functioning fine but for 2-3 weeks I have been unable to stay in a game.

Nothing huh? Just for giggles I checked my internet stats during the peak of my apartment complexes use and here they are:
14.82MBps download
1.27MBps upload
0% Download packets lost
2% upload packets lost
1480 MTU
90MS latency

Not spectacular but should be more than sufficient to run a MP match of Forza…

Sorry to bump an old thread of mine but still having this issue…anyone? anywhere?

Also I have Time Warner Cable for an ISP and a Belkin router

Check this networking information for the Xbox One from the LIVE Support folks: http://support.xbox.com/en-US/browse/xbox-one/networking

You may want to talk to whoever is in charge of the “complex” Internet, because that may be information for a “shared” connection of all the units. The same thing happens in areas served by cable Internet companies. They don’t tell you everyone on your block is participating in that “shared” speed, so sometimes it will fly and during heavy usage hours it drags slowly along.

The numbers I posted above were tested during the peak hours of use in my complex between 6-8pm. Those numbers should and do easily support anything Xbox Live could require. Like I said no other game has an issue, never has. It is specific to Forza and Xbox One.

I’m not gettting disconnected but I cannot continue my career it keeps sending me to xbox home how to fix this it’s really annoying!

I think Time Warner has trouble at times with XBL. You open up your ports yet? I know every friend I have with them in the Carolina’s has tons of problems with a variety of things.

Turn off the instant on setting and put it on power saving. You need to hard restart your console by holding down the power button after it is over.

I have opened the ports. I am on the process of starting over. I can’t even play a private match without getting booted. What amazes me is I have never had an issue playing on TWC since I got them 11 months ago.

Sorry for the old thread bump but…To update, I accidentally discovered what may work for some. I recently moved and did not hook up my Ethernet cable to my Xbox. I hopped on Forza 5 and loaded up. Gave multiplayer a try and I was able to connect to a game and stay connected. However, when I discovered that I was “un-wired” I went and hooked it up and was no longer able to get into and stay in a multiplayer lobby. After removing my Ethernet again I am able to connect. I then had Time Warner come out and move my wireless router closer to my console to avoid poor connections. I hope this works for someone else.