Disaster Strikes

Ok people I rolled out my nice new shiny XBoxX Scorpio Edition set it all up waited forever for the update to finish (Yes I know I could have done that on my XBone) settled down to enjoy Forza 7 the way it’s meant to be played and once again Microsoft screws up my day. Everything we used with the XBone eg: Controllers, Wheels and such was supposed to be just as usable with the XBoxX but what do you know it seems the £250 I spent on two Microsoft Elite Controllers was a total waste of time and cash because the only controller I can get to work with my new £450 paper weight is the one that came with it. I just want to be reassured that I am not the only person on the planet who has issues with their new console and hope that it will all be fixed with a patch real soon until then back to my trusty old XBone I go.

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i have a patrol tech controller and no problem using it… check in accessories all the controller connected…

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*Sets up new console.
*First five minutes, preferred controller doesn’t immediately connect and respond…

Try support and updating controllers. It could be just day one hiccups.


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Try the pair buttons:)


Cheer up. My new Scorpio console is running its fan at full speed constantly, even when the console is off. A replacement is on the way, but will just be a standard model, not a Scorpio. Makes you glad to be an early adopter.


Does the fan run even if you unplug it? If so, you should really call an exorcist.


I had the same issue with my Day 1 OXO.

It was super-duper loud and a common issue.

That’s why this time, I wait a few months or a year.

Op- Have you hard wired the controller and updated it? I had to update my (brand new) elite controller and it works just fine. Hope you get it sorted

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Show a little compassion the OP is just having a moment and another ordered a special edition of a product as an early adopter and won’t even get the original order. I am starting to think this “early access” or pre-order" deserves a moron badge.


We probably wouldn’t get the badges either… lol

I’m guessing said badges would be of the “common” variety. Definitely not rare. Most definitely not Legendary.


I had to update my elite controllers just after the console (one x standard edition) updated. No problems. Hope the info given will help. As already stated wire your controllers and see if they update.

Also, I’ve been reading about a lot of Scorpio editions having problems. This thread is no different it seems. Hope it’s nothing to do with the console itself.

Did you save your previous Xbox One settings to an external hard drive? I did this while backing up games prior to getting the Xbox X. Apparently worked as advertised:
Plugged in the new Xbox X today, downloaded 738mb update, paired the wireless Elite Controller/Chat Pad and was off to the races…literally.

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Hi guys problem sorted it seems for some reason they couldn’t sync with the console persisted and on what seemed like forever both controllers finally were accepted on my Scorpio. I can only think that as I was trying to sync them something in my home or nearby was interfering with the signal stopping me wirelessly syncing them just shows persist it may just turn out to be something that simple.

PS I have not as you can appreciate had to long to actually play with the Scorpio but I must admit to being more than pleased with the graphics and gameplay so a big thumbs up from me.