Today I turn on my Xbox and I tell that I am going to pre-order Forza Motorsport.
I’ve been playing the different versions since the first opus.
And then enthusiastic, I connect to my Xbox, go to the Microsoft store and there what a disappointment, it is marked not compatible for my hardware.
I own an Xbox One
I don’t think I’m the only one in this situation.


The Xbox one will be 10 years old this year on Nov 22. Try H5, it takes 5-10 min to load. I tried it on my old Xbox one once at my moms house. It was unplayable. I can believe they found the performance anywhere near acceptable. It just would not be a good user experience nor can it handle the new physics.


You’re not, but in all fairness nobody can keep supporting older consoles forever, things end up being too much for the hardware to handle.

As leetorts says, load times for FH5 are Sloooow, and the only way to improve that is to get a fast 2.5" SATA SSD and replace the hard disk. It can be done, all necessary files covering firmware and OS are available from Microsoft, there’s even instructions on how to do it (Best to stick to 2Tb max if you do this, by all accounts), but that won’t overcome hardware restraints but loading times will be improved a little.

Unfotunately, more and more will be S/X only as time passes so your best bet is to try and save up for an upgrade or hope that you find someone selling an S/X at a low price because they’re desperate for money

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To be honest, developers have only been supporting the Xbox One and PS4 this long because of the pandemic. Had there been no pandemic, the Xbox One and PS4 probably would’ve stopped being supported at least two years ago.


Bite the bullet. You had a good run. It’s not fair for developers to keep ‘holding back’ to keep the slowest of the herd with the rest of the pack. Eventually, the rest of the pack needs to get moving.


You might be able to run by using xCloud.


Well that and the chip shortage. The two were mostly but not entirely linked.

But yeah, time moves on. The 360 didn’t receive nearly the swansong the One did. Even the PS2 didn’t last this long, and that’s one of if not the largest install base ever in console history.

We’re 2 months away from the Xbox one being a decade old.

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If you want to play the new games, you could save up for a PC, like I’m doing. (Actually I’m building my own.)
I would not keep getting consoles. It’s not worth it! You would end up spending more money in the long run. A good gaming computer should be able to be upgraded if need be.
Just fyi.

(Also my fh5 takes 5-10 minutes to get off the title screen. You are not the only one. I have an old Xbox One S. Thoroughly disappointed it won’t work, but it would probably crash my console!!)

I’m actually going to disagree with that, and I’m a PC guy. Hardware turnover can be even more brutal on PC, and the platform isn’t nearly as upgradable as it used to be.

PC has a lot of great advantages. If you’re building towards a full sim setup, PC. If you care about peripheral compatibility, PC. If you care about non-standard resolutions (example: 5120X1440), PC. If you care about modding your single players games, PC.

PC makes up a lot of ground with it’s flexibility. It also doubles as a work from home station if you need it to!

However, if all you care about is gaming on traditional resolutions while maximizing your value per dollar, I just can’t ignore console right now. Xbox series X and the PS5 are both kicking the crud out of PCs in terms of performance per dollar. A modern PC might have more longevity due to just being made from more current tech, but you’re looking at $1000 plus dollars for one that’s truly a truly good gaming experience. With that money, you can buy a Series X and put the rest in a savings account to save up for the next console. And it will provide a good gaming experience.

It’ll still be worth it to some to make the jump to PC. All of those extra perks, plus not having to pay for online are all nice. But if you don’t care about those and you’re already paying for games pass ultimate or whatever and plan to continue, I can’t recommend PC from a value per dollar standpoint right now. That has been different in the past and maybe it will change once again in the future, but right now, consoles have an edge in their niche.

Edit: Just don’t get a series S. Horrible compromise that thing is.


What happens to the old consoles? PC is better on that aspect.

Sorry, but we’ll have to agree to disagree. I’ve had way to much difficulty with console.

I do agree completely on the series s. It’s trash. I’ve had way too much experience with the all-digital!
Thanks for the info!

I don’t think the guy is loaded up for an XSX let alone a PC.

If a Series S is all he can afford it’s still a great system to step into the new generation.


If you want a good gaming experience on PC, just the video card alone will probably cost as much as the console.

Sobeit. You can’t put a triple-monitor setup with a full motion rig and a Simucube 2 Pro with Ascher Racing rim and Heusinkvelt Sprint pedals. If you want to go sim racing rout then you will need PC.

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Console is also not as customizable as PC.

Yeah, I saw that back in March when it said it was only compatible with series s and x.

The big advantage to PC is you can do so much more than console, and you’re not tied to specific things like with console, so while costing double the XSX you can do more than double with it. Swings and roundabouts.

And the XSS isn’t THAT bad, especially when you didn’t have a choice because at the time the XSX was as rare as hens’ teeth and you couldn’t find one for love nor money, which is why I ended up with one. It can’t do everything the XSX can, but does the job once you add some extra internal storage (after waiting for that price to drop a bit). Biggest gripe I had was the controllers that came with it which were that little bit smaller than a “standard” controller and started making my bear paws cramp up like a PS controller, so a silicon “skin” for a few bucks had to be added just to make them that little bit bigger and cure that problem.

All comes down to individual needs ultimately, and everyone is different. Nowadays, the availability is there so if you can you get the XSX, if money’s a bit tight you may have to drop to the S, unless you get lucky and find someone desperate for money selling one off cheap.


I feel like I mentioned all that in my post.

Consoles are definitely more niche than PCs, I’m just saying within that niche they are a very compelling option right now.

That niche is the hypothetical consumer who doesn’t care about flexibility, they only want a machine for gaming, and only care about maximizing performance per dollar spent.

Me, I care a lot about flexibility, and I suspect a lot of racing game fans do as well. The PC is an essential first step towards building a sim rig, and I can assure others personally that my superultrawide monitor provides a superior racing experience. Can’t use that thing with a console.

Consoles are niche?
More niche for gaming than PCs?

You need to realize that YOU are niche playing Forza on PC with a full sim rig and so on.
I bet more than 90% play this game on controller or a cheap wheel setup on console or a mid to low range PC.

Especially simcades like Forza and GT.

iRacing, rFactor 2…these games are super niche.
Niche within a niche genre.

Being in this forum, crying about this car not in the game, that track not in the game, this feature being annoying (thats me :smile: ) is niche, less than 1% do this stuff.

All I wanna say is: The average player doesn’t care about that stuff. He/She is just buying the newest console and plays it casually.

If somebody is still sitting on a xbox one, wich is replaced since almost 3 years: Too bad.
Consoles being supported until the successor comes out, it was always like that, it was even more brutal before.
Anyone remember N64? The console didn’t even got new games long BEFORE the GC came out.
It’s crazy the old ones still get supported.
People buy a new Smartphone every year, but buying a new console every 8-10 years is not ok?

And yes, I’m a console player, always been.
All the arguments brought up here are not the reason why.
The reason why is simple: Flexibility = complexity.
I wanna keep things as simple as possible.
And I’m still playing on a 10+ year old 1080p TV :smile:


It’s why I have both, can’t lie down on the couch using PC, but PC gives more multi-use.

Each to their own, your own needs, so I go for the most flexibility, mainly because my physical condition means that sometimes lying on the couch is about as much as I can manage and the console is a far better distraction than what passes for TV nowadays.

XSS, with the storage expansion and external drive, fills that gap well enough.

Time to invest on a PC or laptop that’s decent enough (you surely need extraordinary specs to run the game, though), or an Xbox Series console, whether it’s X or S.