Disappointed in Gymkhana 9 Focus RS.

Anyone else disappointed in the reward car from Blizzard Mountain Expansion Pack. I was underwhelmed by the performance of Gymkhana 9 Ford Focus RS rally cross. Most of the cars in this pack have some performance options(engine, transmission, etc). This car only gets RWD conversion,and wider tires. The problem with the car is that the car seems to be easily out performed by other cars in the class. I wished we would got the 3.0 V8 from the focus rs in Forza Motorsports 6.

After tuning it improves a lot. Reduce downforce and lengthen gears.


Not really. Best tune I have only gives you a 170mph top speed. It’s placed in the Rally Monsters class and is out preformed by the Group B Rally Cars, and the new WRX Rally Car( which with my best tune has 2hp less and nearly a 20mph higher top speed). Even the Focus RS in the game without putting the 6.2 V8 in it I was able to tune to a 203+mph top speed.

I kinda feel the same way about it, it’s a little underpowered for my style of driving. I was surprised when the only upgrade options were wider wheels and rwd. Yes the car has every adjustable option needed from stock and is already on the lighter side but 600hp is just not quite enough, for a “drifting/rally” car it just doesn’t have enough to power thru some uphill slides, haven’t played with it in the main game on dry roads but I imagine it woudnt be a car to drift every turn in a race and still win by a half a lap against the drivatars.

Changing the gear ratios did help a lot, but not enough IMO. But I still use it cause it sounds amazing so I wouldn’t want an engine swap, maybe just restrictor plate upgrade like the “race” cars have for some more hp and tq. All that said I’m happy to have it, they could have given us a much worse car as the prize car. Like another miata, seriously why do we need 4 versions of an mx5.

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It is not a top end car, not in real life and not here.


I like it a lot plain stock with it’s short gear ratio, it’s a beast on the slopes of the mountain.

How it performs competitive on the mainland in multiplayer I really don’t care. If it’s not your cup of tea just drive something else.


I agree.
People seem to forget this is a purpose built rally car and for that job it is properly sharp.


Removing restrictor plates would be nice. 236 km/h is just a too low top speed.

Change your gears. This car is quite capable.

Yep capable of #1s on the leaderboards.

I don’t know I quite like it. It sounds good, fun to drive, quick for rallying, got a lot of grip on the snow too and yeah I would have liked a few upgrades but it’s pretty perfect as is and really nice once you throw a tune on.

Grab Attax Johnson’s tune and drive it like you stole it. Trust me you will not say the car sux after that.


I grabbed that very tune and then did the KoTM “Lower Plateau Trail” event and I must admit the RX is KiNG in the corners …BUT on the straights I had to block both the #199 and the S4GB several times since they both have a higher top speed. The RX maxes out at 225kph with this tune. I somewhat understand the OP in this regard. However …on tracks with many corners / hairpins the RX will eat them all. Tracks including longer straights it will struggle to hold a lead. A redo of this event will make me pick the #199 …that’s a no brainer now. (I also think this is by far the best Subaru ever)

Thanks for mentioning my tune, guys. Good to hear that you like it. :slight_smile: I made another version with longer gears. You should checkt that out. This also works on tracks with longer straights (it’s still no speed monster). You can check the settings on my Youtube channel “Johnson’s TheGamingLibertines”. Just copy the parts you like and change what you want to improve. Cheers, Johnson


Sorry to get a bit off topic here:
Event: KoTM “Lower Plateau Trail”
I just did the event again using the #199 (A800) and finished 3rd beaten by 2 Renault 5s. I got all 30 drift skills but by then it was too late to catch them.
The 2 R5s passed me quite easily so I think this might again be this drivatar issue. I don’t know if the RX would have been better than the #199 in this event.
Well It won but had to fight for it (which is great!). So many factors are in play …
Okay so for one last run I picked the Delta S4 GB and it was like a wild horse …so powerful with that insane turbo setup …but after some taming it crossed the line as #1 at 250kph with more than enough drift skills to get 3 stars. This is my choice. Old school rally monster still has it and is so much fun to drive.

I have learned from this thread that the S4GB is the choice for me even though I can appreciate both the RX and the #199. Have a nice day all :slight_smile:

Strange, I’m doing just fine with it. I’ve won multiple online championships with it.

Sure, it may not be the fastest on the straights, but it shoots (or drifts) fast around corners and is quite easy to control. My personal driving style favors control over speed, and it’s what this car gives me. Comparing to most drivers I race with online, they whiz right past me on straights, but it’s the corners that kill them.

Clearing a hairpin corner has never been easier.

I dont know why is everybody possessed with top speed in this game…


Because it’s the next-easiest element of performance to exploit behind acceleration, particularly since there aren’t a lot of technically demanding courses or much downside to exceeding course limits. I often come up against drivers with AWD power builds I can dispatch in tighter corners, but once the road opens up, they’re off into the sunset. . .even if only until they drift badly or unnecessarily at the next major corner and tank slap a barricade.

Exactly,! Rallye cars are more about shorter gear ratios for the quick onset of maximum torque delivered sooner rather than later and traction and handling in the dirt and snow. I haven’t unlocked the car as yet, but I’m sure the car was designed to conquer Rallye trails etc. which is less about outright speed.

One reason why I can’t be bothered with online freeroam anymore. 90% of the time it’s people thrashing cars up and down the airstrip for hours on end. Boring.