Disappearing objects and textures

Hey, I’m having very much disappearing objects and textures. Also much stuttering no matter what graphic settings I have.


AMD FX-4100 3.6 Ghz Quad Core (I know it’s bad, but can it be that bad? GTA V works fine at high settings, Project Cars and Dirt Rally works fine too)
AMD R9 280X 3GB


Still happening very much. Ideas? CPU or RAM or both? I hope this GPU is not the reason here.

Have you tried on 1280x720p already? If so, does it stutter? I mean, the GPU is already on treshold specs and I do not think you can rely on “it should work” with just 3GB VRAM.

I know it might take some testing but starting at lower resolution and working upwards, usually yields better results than staying on 1 resolution and trying/asking for slight changes on either of these settings.

Thank you for reporting your issue is such detail. We will pass the information along.

Thanks, I’ve tried 720p once. Need to try more with it later.

Thank you for response. If I find any changes with different settings I’ll post here.

// Btw, More cars on track = more disappearing textures/objects. Works pretty well when I’m only driver on the track. And it’s usually happening near pit areas (probably because more polygons/textures near)

Graphics have nothing to do with it.
The main thread,or at least the thread doing the most work,is running uncontrolled, it runs too fast for the rest of the threads to complete their work so they just rush the work giving you only as much as they can manage.On the consoles every thread gets cut off at 1/6 of available CPU power because of the weak cores, on PC’s that’s not working so well.
I made a video showing this.

@LV T10 you guys are working with (for) microsoft on this one, tell the programmers to get in touch with the microsoft windows multitasking team or something this stuff is ridiculous,just find a way to cut of every thread at a certain percentage put it in the settings and let the users figure out what % is best for them.


It’s your CPU mate. I have the same one, FX-4100, in my rig, had it since it came out. It’s old as time itself and causes huge bottlenecks.

The issue is that this particular CPU is a DUAL CORE and most certainly is NOT a quad core. It cannot handle running the game AND sending textures to the GPU at the same time. I know it’s advertised as a quad but it has 2 cores and 4 threads. You get this exact same issue on the new COD games.

Your card is more than good enough to play this game at 1080/30 with decent settings so ignore anyone who tells you otherwise. I’m running a HD7950 that can run this thing at 1080/60 on medium-high settings. The only thing causing the issues is the CPU. Trust me. You (we) need to upgrade it.

The graphics are very well optimised for Forza 6. The CPU draw however, is not. RootedEwe580 is bang on. The game is still optimised for console CPUs and not for Desktop.

Thing is, I’ve been playing Assetto Corsa on mid-high settings since it came out and I’ve never had a dip below 60FPS OR any glitches in the textures. Forza can be optimised to run fine. It’s in the hands of the devs. Remember though, it is still in Beta! I’m sure they’ll iron it out. I’ll be rocking an i7-6700k in a couple weeks so I’m not too bothered lol.

(I note some things typed here could be bo**ocks but I cannot be bothered to edit anything)