Dirty Lap for no reason

Hi all…
Wonder if anyone can shed alight on something…

While am racing(on any track) i keep getting a dirty lap for no reason at all.Nothing hits me or i dont hit them,and dont come off the track,but still get a dirty lap.Is there a bug in the game somewhere?..Please help.

I think you can get a dirty lap for drafting and or blocking, but I’m not sure

You’re either drafting, blocking, or rewinding if you’re getting dirty laps in this case.

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As the others stated, you can get a dirty lap from being drafted or drafting someone. Also, rewinding will dirty your lap. Lastly, if you dirty your lap in the last sector in any way other than rewinding, the next lap will be dirty.


I think the rules are a little strict on what’s to be considered a dirty lap anyway. There are very few places where cutting a corner or otherwise manipulating the track to better your lap time exist Most of those places have quick sand, or quick grass or asphalt that will take you from 200mph to 0 so fast your eyeballs would pop out of your head if you were ever to attempt this in real life. There’s nothing worse than getting all the way through a track like the Nurburgring or Lemans just to get a little out of shape at the very end and score a dirty lap

You used to get a dirty lap for damaging your car by either bottoming out hard or over revving your engine, is that still the same ?

Not sure about over-revving, but I have dirtied laps bottoming out - entering the final sweeping left on Alps forward ribbons is a favourite place for that :-/

Yeah you can dirty from bottoming out REALLY hard, also sometimes if you get air and four wheels off the ground, it might dirty your lap depending on where you do it.

I have heard that bottoming out your car can dirty a lap. I have never seen it though.
Other than that, these are the conditions that will flag your lap as dirty.

Collisions with other vehicles

Driving off the track/Cutting corners. Please note that there are spots on the track where just getting one tire off the track will dirty the lap. There are other places where you can get the car nearly all the way off and it will still be clean. The more you drive a track, the more you will be able to see where those spots are.

Hitting a wall. Best example would be Bathurst. (There are times when you can lightly brush the wall and your lap will remain clean.)

Drafting. At any point above 100mph. Whether you are the one drafting or being drafted. Some one drafting you WiLL dirty your lap! (Please note that a draft can occur with a considerable amount of distance between cars.) Drafting is following or being fallowed. When you draft, both cars split the air resistance between them. As a result, both cars can move faster together. The idea of the leaderboards is to lay down your fastest time based on YOUR driving skill.

Please note that doing any of the aforementioned in the last frame of a lap will result in your next lap being dirty. At certain points around the track, the game gives your split time. ( green or red highlighted +/- time measured against your best lap.) The last frame of the lap = any point between the last split time checkpoint and the start/finish line. This does include the first lap. T10 did this so you can not cut a corner at the end of a lap to give you better speed starting your next lap which would result in a faster cheated lap time on leaderboards.

I am not sure if lag while in an online race will flag a lap as dirty.

Hope this clarifies any questions or confusion regarding dirty laps.

If you want to abuse the track limits you’re in the wrong game, Forza Horizon gives you much more freedom. Forza Motorsport is meant to be about precision.

I have only ever seen two places where a bottoming out dirties your lap. One was on Fujimi Kaido before the tunnel on the downhill section and the other is as previously mentioned on the Bernese Alps. You will only bottom out on the Bernese alps if you have mucked up your front suspension.

Its only possible to get a penalty for all wheels in the air if your are travelling outside the track boundaries in the course of your leap. It may be if the same line is taken and the wheels dont leave the ground you would not dirty your lap because some wheels are still on a clean line at any given moment. But not necessarily the same wheels all through the move.

Yesterday i raced online against a player who could not understand why taking huge lines outside the track and straightlining the bus stop at Spa was cheating when every other driver was staying within the track limits. Its this widespread attitude/ignorance that spoils online racing. If you’re quick stay on the track and prove it. Thats what i like to see.

The Top Gear track will occasionally dirty your lap for no apparent reason if you don’t come through the follow-through just right.