Dirt tracks with a wheel on PC

I’m playing on PC using Fanatec CSL Elite. (says Fanatec CSL Xbox under wheel settings in game). I played last night for a few hours and researched what various people have posted for wheel settings and I still never found a setting that felt good on both tarmac and dirt. Tarmac has been fine, but dirt feels unplayable where I am spinning out in the corners. I’ve tried with assists on and off, and Normal vs Sim steering. Still no luck.

The only other driving game I’ve played with my wheel is Assetto Corsa, doing both drift lobbies and time attack. The wheel has worked great and I’ve never really had to tweak the settings too much until now.

Am I doing something wrong? Is there a driving style I should try on dirt races? Can someone post PC specific settings for Fanatec CSL Elite?

I’m dying to play the game, I’m stuck at the first dirt race. Help!

The game is broken for wheels on dirt.

There is (are) some serious Force Feedback Issues and physics calculation issues that are just broken which causes the game to be unplayable on dirt.

It wasn’t like this before in the demo.

This happened after the first update… Which screwed many people who bought the game based on how well the wheel support worked in the demo, ironically.

No acknowledgement by Playground Games, and no fix in sight.

I play alot of AC,. 900degrees.

To begin with, dont use sim steering… but normal. Dont ask me why,. But there are some topics about it if you google.

As per personal preference I use 720 degrees in FH4.
Maybe increase centerspring a bit.

Other than that, it works for me like this.


Fanatec CSL here, and the only way I have been able to make the rally / dirt cars driveable has been to tune the rear sway bar to a very low setting. Stock settings are way too stiff, and the car just slides and spins. Drop the rear ARB down, and now I can “feel” the cushion with the outside rear tire. Enter the corner, the rear now grips and I can actually navigate the car thru the corner.

As a general rule, I find the stock setting for any of the adjustable suspension upgrades too stiff overall, and will typically soften them up in general.

Hope this works for you.

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This helped A LOT. Thanks!

It’s not the most playable game with a wheel but I have had quite a lot of fun with it by sticking to mainly AWD A class cars and below when racing on dirt.

I also turn the degrees of rotation down which I find makes it easier to correct slides.

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Hi hi! Myself… I absolutely love using PC wheel on dirt!


That is after a long and hard fighting with the wheel. Like you, I found wheels on dirt to be impossible or very difficult without a lot of effort and tuning. What was odd is with keyboard or control, thing was super stable and no spinning unless forces. So this is first point:

  1. Through testing, it seems a wheel plays the game more precise and simulator-esque though steering setting type still has an effect.

Next issue and what was my solution was discovered by spending two days just trying to drift car with a wheel. I did everything to try and get it right. But I could not drift with a wheel even though I do in real life. But that same car with controller or keyboard? I could literally drift it around the entire map without a problem. Here is why:

  1. Turn on telemetry mode. Watch wheel position as you turn the wheel. For me regardless of settings, the wheels turned proper rate to about a 75% turn radius on a half turn. That last 25% took another turn and a half. The non linear made slide control impossible by losing the required fine adjust.

This was with a Thrustmaster 150 RS, setting of 900 lock to lock.

SOLUTION! My friend had same impossible control issue. You cannot use deadzone setting in game.

First, go to the hardware profile for your wheel
Set in there your desired turn to turn. Somewhere over 360 to 540 gives a nice feel.
Turn off wheel zone deadspace for steering.
Set force feedbacks to about 10 and finetune adjust as necessary.
Adjust steering linearity to taste for better high speed stability and control.
Turn up steering sensitivity to greater than 80

That bug/issue with the steering stopping at 75% was the main problem. I am loving it now and even able to enjoy racing my RWD S2 cars in the winter. Is a challenge, but controllable.