Dirt Racing Gauntlet

Is there a particular reason that 60% of the Gauntlet for the dirt racing championship is on tarmac? It wouldn’t be so bad if it was nice and twisty, but it’s all either dead straight or sweeping corners that are generally taken at 150mph+. This isn’t great when my M-Sport Fiesta tops out at around 140-145. Of course, matey in his RS200 is sitting comfortably at 190, and coasts past me into 1st place. I may as well have done the event in a One:1 or FXX K, it wouldn’t have made a lot of difference. Not trying to stir anything up, I’ve really enjoyed the game and its challenges so far, but the dynamic of this race just doesn’t make a lot of sense. Dirt means dirt, not asphalt. Well done for the rest of the game though, it looks and feels incredible.