Difficulty, A-I and otherwise:

Awesome game, I’ll say that first. Been a Forza fan since the first Xbox game came out. I’ve seen them go from just easy as hell with no real substance but the cars to the massive game it is now, and other then a few graphical and texture mistakes that make the vehicles not as realistic as they could be, it’s been built nice. That said, some things in the game have either been put in with such a way that someone who doesn’t play very often or even seasoned veterans can barely collect. Then The A-I.
Road races and street races rocked at unbeatable, but off-road and X-country AI seems to almost always have perfect everything and forget about assuming crashing slows them down let alone the environment. Try country with a Pagani and watch as the AI masterfully controls a hyper car through fields and rivers and Not crash. I love playing Forza on its hardest difficulty but when you have to constantly change tuning and restart the race it gets quite frustrating. Hopefully they can find a way to fix that. Even removing all the same assists from the AI that you have removed would make it that much more of a fair race with need for skill. As for somethings being almost inaccessible, maybe adding a few more Crazy danger signs and the like would widen the game itself. As a hardcore fan or Forza Motorsport and someone who owns all 4 horizons, I’ll probably buy the next one as well and it would be more Enjoyable at the higher levels if the AI wasn’t perfectly tuned and set up with FULL driving assists.

Yeah, the AI handle like crazy on dirt and cross country, god forbid you use rally monsters, they become unstoppable. However with hypercars, I’ve had them drive off-course many times.