Differential camera or Head tracking

I always expect Forza can implement differential camera for cockpit view.
Looking straight forward is not convenient when turning, the front pillar blocks a large portion of view.
There are few racing games have differential camera for cockpit view. When steering, the camera will slightly turn in the direction giving a better view.

back in Forza 5, the game actually supports head tracking, it would be good to have it back.

I mean, for Motorsport… sure. But for a Horizon game… probably not.

Let me also pop in and say that multi-vector rendering would be great for those of us lucky enough to have a superultrawide monitor. Don’t really need head tracking if I can pull the FoV out far enough, but in FH4 doing that causes MAJOR distortion.

They had this feature using the Kinect on the X360 and XB1 however I don’t think it was very popular back then. I tried it but I like to watch tv and browse the web while racing so it wasn’t useful for me.

But yeah, grab an old X360 with Kinect and Motorsports 4 and have at it!!!

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