Different lap times Rival vs. multiplayer

We play online Multiplayer since Forza 2 and it’s very funny,
but in FM6 we all play alone. It’s not possible to drive the same lap times like in the rival mode. Sometimes theres 2 seconds in the same class and track.
you can test this at any point of the track with your car speed.

Please fix these bug, it’s a racing game and the most fun is racing online against time with friends in the same game.

Sounds like your running a glitched car in lobbys.

No :wink: you can test this with each car…and the laps in rival are faster

No they’re not. I’ve run the same times online as I did in rivals.

But there seems to be a lot of bugs, so what cars are you driving? I might test it out.

Laps in rivals tend to be faster because you are hotlapping. You can run flat out one the perfect line and there is nothing to bother you but your reactions behind the wheel. You can also use rewind here while in multiplayer you cannot.

In multiplayer there are other people on the track and this results in you not being able to run the perfect line as fast as possible to get an ideal clean lap. Even if you could, chances are if you get into a slip stream while travelling over 100 mph at any point you’ll end with a dirty lap.

Some very, very, skilled, elite players may set very high leaderboard times in multiplayer but normally, everyone is faster in rivals.

Goes the other way too as evidence of the difference in environment - some folks with top leaderboards times are terrible to race in MP because they have no idea how to behave when they don’t own the racing line …

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VW Golf, Corvette 53, Datsun 510 all in D-Class

In Monza Short, Speed on target grid 215 km/h, online 205 km/h.

On Berner Alps 2,5 seconds…

Im not sure what you’re trying to say.

I agree my highly tuned hotlap cars are slower online… :frowning:

There is that “mode” not sure its name where you overtake cars while hot lapping, my cars are also slower in this mode too…!!

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Thank you for testing ! Multiplayer races without hotlaping is not funny and many top drivers dont play the game anymore.

Hopefully FM6 has a better destiny than Project Cars

Gee, why do you think the top drivers don’t play? Its because they don’t want to deal with people running glitched cars. Honestly did you really think you just magically got way better at the game??? Really???

You didn’t have a single top 500 time in 5, yet you’re now running top 10’s??? Hello…

This is a brilliant example of how this game is ruined.

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Your Name is word… i dont use glitched Cars and i only Drive on d class and NO FM5 suxx. And on Most tracks the Mini or the Mazda RX 3 are on the first Planes.

FM2 was the best FM.

I’m confused by what you said above. First, my name is Craig not word. Secondly, you are running glitched cars. D class is where most of the glitched cars are being run. According to forzastats, you played fm5 and weren’t able to get into the top 500, now you’re a top 10 player all of a sudden? Doesn’t that strike you as a wee bit odd? The mini and rx3 are the worst of the glitched cars, what you’re running is only a small step behind them. Thanks for your contribution towards ruining this game…

Why i should post this bugs when im cheating ? You are just a flamer, i like to Play a fair and bugfree game. And i cant think like you and Point with the finger on others and say cheater, this is just poor.

Dont want an answer from you, think about it before flaming

Then stop using glitched tunes if fair play is your goal.

Pretty simple really.

The golf you are using is glitched. Stop taking advantage of the system. Your times will be wiped before long once that car and others are fixed.

You don’t know your car is glitched because you’re using someone else’s tune.

See, what I took from his post is that he knows full well that he’ s running a glitched tune. He can get it into the top 10 on the leaderboard, so he wants to trash lobbies with it. Its not working so he’s asking for help on how to cheat better…

Its just a theory, I could be wrong

Its sad, noone give answers… this game is very very awesome, i dont Unterstand Turn10

Different speed between which is driven with the same setups

I just ran against your ghost on a few tracks. You are running cars that are bigtime glitched. Your laptimes should be drastically slower than they are. If you want consistency, then run cars that aren’t glitched. How can you expect things to work correctly when you’re trying to exploit a flaw in the game? I hope your motor blows up at the start of every multiplayer race you’re in.