Different grip levels of drag tires?

I did some testing and tuning between the drag tracks available in Forza 6. It’s awesome to see real tracks but the grip levels concern me. In Forza 5, as long as you had drag slicks on the test track drag strip, you’d get some pretty nice grip and alot of cars would wheelie from the line.

I started my tuning on the test track 1/4 mile in a known wheelie car, the Fiat X1/9. Using an old tune from Forza 5, the wheelies this car pulls literally almost flips it over and with throttle control, you can wheelie all the way through 1st gear with a trap speed of 169/170mph.

Fast forward to Sonoma and Hockenheimring 1/4 mile tracks and with the same tune, this car jist spins the tires yet the trap speed is consistent with the airfield drag strip of 169/170 mph. Considering these are real tracks, I would imagine they would be properly prepped for drag racing and provide similar or better levels of grip than the test track.

I’m hoping that through a patch or something these new drag tracks can get some real grip because it really detracts from the experince when theres astronomical grip at the airstrip and none at the real drag strip. Other than that, I’m loving this game.

i have to disagree with this i like the fact that the different tracks have different grip levels means u have to tune for each track not just one tune to do all some people maybe fast on test track but the tunes wont work on a different track it would be like tuning for laguna and asking why the same tune wont work on an oval

If there was any real grip at the other tracks then it wpuld be cool. There’s not enough grip to actually have a decent launch, regardless of your tune. Its like the start of circuit races where your tires spin for the first couple of seconds. If you’ve ever been to a drag strip in real life and seen/been in cars with drag slicks you’d understand the grip levels are al wrong on Sonoma amd Hockenheimring

So is the drag racing forza 4 style all over again? That’s bad, real bad… I was quite worried from all the drag videos I’ve seen on sonoma and hockenheim… AR12 was spinning all the way to 5th in the Supra and I thought it was just a bad setup or him not using drag tires…

This needs to get fixed, it doesn’t make sense, you’d think the test track would have bad grip levels, not an actual drag racing track!

I’m sorry Stabby, I don’t agree with you, there will be differences yes between drag tracks, like weather, elevation, track surface, but from the videos I’ve seen, the grip at sonoma and hockenheim is just unrealistically low…

I hope this is fixed, it’s one of the things I was looking forward to the most…