Differences in accolades screens

Under the hall of fame its indicating that I have only 1 accolade missing in order to complete “car collector” accolade. However when I go to the actual car collector accolade screen its showing TWO (2) accolades missing…

I have attached a screen shot showing the differences

Looks like a bug to me. Sorry, not much help. Mine are correct Hall of Fame says 53/54 which matches Car Collection 53/54 (missing just the buy autoshow cars, 50 to go… lol). Maybe you’ll get an early completion on the HoF one when you get your next Car Collection one.

That is weird.

But report it. A bug, is a bug.

What is that 2nd accolade? Like what’s the description to complete it?

I’m guessing it’s the Sell a Car at Auction for 20 Million Credits one.

I think you dont have to do the last buy car accolade anymore to complete it. Just do the buy 150 cars and your done

I suspect it might not be a bug then, just that you don’t actually need to complete both to get your HofF requirement. Likely one of the two will trigger the 100%