Difference between wheelspin and superwheelspin

So I was wondering is there a real difference in the rewards you can win using the wheelspin vs superwheelspin (like higher payout/better or more expensive cars that can be won)
You can buy one wheelspin with 40 Forzathonpoints, or a superwheelspin for 150. So just adding these up it would be more effective to just buy normal wheelspins.

Is there anyone wo could answer this?

Also on a sidenote that maybe could be answered with the question above;
I really want the Aventador SV, is this available in the wheelspins and superwheelspins or exclusive to super wheelspins only?

In my experience the Super Wheelspin contains more FE cars than the normal Wheelspin.

Obvious difference is that you have 3x the chance of winning something good with a Super than normal.

This has been discussed prior and I will give the same response as before…

With Standard Wheelspins you get one (1) junk item, with Super Wheelspins, you get three (3).


Super Wheelspins tend to have better prizes such as larger amounts of credits, FE cars and other Epic items.

Wheelspin = one useless item.
Super Wheelspin = two useless items and a low cash payout or a cheap car.


I find I get bigger prizes in super wheelspins that I can win such as higher credit amounts and rarer cars.

I have had 500,000 and 400,000 with super, I think it’s 250,000 max on regular, most I got on regular was 170,000

Thanks for the replies people! So it does make sense saving Forzathon credits to buy a super wheelspin in stead of the normal ones.

Now hoping to finally receive the Aventador SV using a wheelspin. Level 127 but no luck this far :wink: