Didn't receive the Lykan

so i bought the BMW M1 for the Forzathon challange to try to get the Lykan
i already completed 3 street races and did not reveived it yet
any help?

Have to ask but have you done the Mid Night Street Races as that worked for me but I used a BMW i8.
Could try a Hard Reboot if you are on a XBOXONE, too.

I have the same problem :confused:

anyone help?

Did the achievement pop up after the completed street race? Or did that not register after the street race?

I did mine last night. I didn’t try the midnight showdown as I didn’t know if that would work but just did one of the random street races found through the map and as soon as I completed it the achievement popped up and I looked in my garage and there it was. Sold the m1 right after in the auction house for just about what I paid for it

i did for now, 5 races.
it doesnt show any achievement when im winning the races

Have you rebooted?
Which races are you entering?

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I’ve tried midnight and regular street races on difrent track with i8 and m1. Archieviement didn’t pop out and i haven’t lykan in my garage :confused:
Played on PC ver.

Town tear up
this is the only one i remember the name of


I wonder just how many of these instances are being caused bu the player not actually doing “Street Races” and just doing circuit races on the streets?

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Agreed. I did the wrong type on my first attempt, but just chose Street Races from the map filter and got the achievement and car straight away

I didn’t receive the Lykan either. I did 5 different street races

Make sure you go to a blue diamond on the map, with the white arrows pointing up and down, and start one of those. THAT is what gave me the Lykan at the end.

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You can find “Street Races” at these places.

i already finished the game and i know what street races looks like,so… yea.

I selected the BMW i8 for the event in single player mode and received the Lykan immediately after the street race I chose.

The only downside to the i8 is it’s a dlc car which some players haven’t bought yet. So if it’s one of those strange bugs that using a particular car doesn’t trigger the game to recognise a player has completed a certain task then what’s the point?

As a footnote, the Lykan is okay. It’s fast, but not the most agile of cars in the game. But you are saving 3.4 million credits - if you’re able to get the damn thing anyway.

Did two, won two, no Lykan

when i make the race pour the w motors lykan , i d’ont have the car , i test with the I8 and the 1M , and nothing

The 1M is the incorrect car. You need to use the M1 or the I8.