Did update 14 add oversteer?

maybe its just me but i feel like all my finely tuned cars have a bit more oversteer since the update. if so, i think thats good! FH4 had too much understeer i think. all my cars were tuned to the extreme just getting them to dig in & settle into a sweeping turn instead of snapping back to going straight off the road.

also to the devs; i like the update & love FH4. i will be playing this until FH5 comes out.

so it was not just myself with strange steering. i post on a topic where all vehicles handle like a 18 wheelers in events

for me it handles like before

depends on car, rwd/awd/fwd, weather, season, street/dirt/offroad, tune etc.
and I don’t think they changed things overall these variables that you have more oversteer in all situations

release notes for series 14 give no evidence that anything changed in driving-physics

it could be firmware related .
just to let you know its on everything you mention . weather,season etc.
no tune cars ether .
seeing a have most likely the same firmware build that the dev are using the test the game.

If there’s a difference, I haven’t noticed.