Devs prepared for early access launch on Friday?

Everyone remembers the disaster early access launch of forza horizon 3 were vip rewards did not work for most time of the early access weekend?
Hopefully devs are better prepared this time and ultimate edition buyers are no beta tester anymore like last time.

didn’t have that issue, maybe it only affected some
in fact never had an issue with FH3 at all since prerelease, until the most recent forzathon, and the one when the Subaru hadn’t been added to the game( which was fixed quickly)

Everything (VIP, loyalty rewards, DLC, etc.) has worked flawlessly thus far for me.


You didn’t knock on wood and now we’re all doomed.

Have not seen this sig in awhile,my favorite!!

all working for me also, but then mine didn’t need to unlock at a specific time…
so lets see how that goes for everyone

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Everything I have access to from the Ultimate Edition is visible.

should all be good at least 4000 have the game already

So much for buying the UE to get early access.

I do hope that they are ready but from the past experience of the last 2 launches, since adding Play Anywhere, my guess is they are not. And it’s now like there aren’t enough issues with the games that are out now. Forzathons that don’t work, Tier Rewards not being issued, Message Center in 7 that works some of the time, and on and on.

But you can just turn on your PC and watch a parked car for days and start out in Horizon 4 with MILLIONS in Influence.

This just might be the last Forza game for me