Devs: Please reevaluate the amount of time players should be expected to spend on Daily Challenges

These difficult challenges should not be released to the general public until ALL the devs invloved have completed them 100% IMHO.


so may people feel like they are being forced to do this, just don’t do it. if they arent getting the players to play the modes they come with they will have to do something else that they can get the players to interact with.

its just like with microtransactions, if no one is doing it they will stop offering it.

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There are very very good points here. Respect.
For me it’s easy, anything related to online in daily i’m not doing. I’m not spending time in online for a 1 point.

Thats why i gave up on achievements, bucket lists, tasks in game, accolades in any game. They thnk we are mindless players and that we love the game so much we will spend any amount of time to complete the ‘great’ features this game has.

Nope and certainly not with this crazy amounts of bugs. Most def not goty. (Independent journalism died a long time ago. More like in disguise fealty to Microsft because money.)


As much as FOMO content sucks, I for one like that the tasks are a little more substantial now. The FH4 dailies of “get 2 air skills, and be sure to log in every day for the bonus!” was full-on mobile game design. It’s still not that far off, but the rewards are small enough and the time window generous enough that I don’t see a problem unless you’re a completionist, and with any game that has something to do Every Single Day, I really don’t recommend being a completionist… When I play, I check to see if there’s any challenges I feel like doing, if not, no real need to worry about them.

I think it’s a fine line.

The whole playlist is more time consuming now. Not necessarily more difficult but it takes more time therefore if you add time consuming dailies it just adds more to it.

Getting a L7 car isn’t that hard but it might take a while esp for new players. I suppose you have 7 days to do it but that is not the point.

I think most people do the dailies to get 100 per cent completion. The completion points (1 pt) and the FZ points aren’t worth it for me it’s only really for that OCD completion element which we know is not achievable this season due to the bugged treasure hunt.

You can get the cars 1 and 2 without the dailies so I suppose it’s your choice to leave the dailies alone.

That said I think dailies should be quick and simple and not pointless like “buy three cars”.

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You also get the seasonal car at the end, so I don’t see the point of 100%.

I have never done the dailies intentionally, on FH4 I generally completed them while doing something else. If it was something I didn’t want to do, I would not do it. Nothing has changed for FH5, I don’t do them. I don’t care about 100% completion each week, mainly to protect my sanity, some parts of this game I hate, PGG for example. Most of the time I can avoid that and still get both cars. I really don’t care about forzathon points since I’ll end up getting those cars eventually so there’s is zero need for frustrating and pointless grinding in their recommended wreck.
I play the game the way I want, not the way they want me too.
The best part, I don’t feel the need to play every single day, if I want to take a week long break, I can do that. I used to play FH4 every day, but with FH5 I fond myself taking to and 3 day breaks every week. And this is this first FH of the series I didn’t purchase, game pass is great for try before you buy, and so far, nothing I have seen says this game is worth $60 let alone $100.

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FOMO is very real, it’s terrible and it’s so baked into the design of both FH4 and FH5, there’s no escaping it at this point. It was the reason I played a ton more of FH4 than I did 2 and 3. Also the reason I liked it a lot, lot less, burned out on it, had to force myself to stop playing, generally just had an unhealthy relationship to a game I wanted to like.

Unfortunately for the players, the solution IS to not play it if you don’t like it. Took a long time and a lot of wasted energy for myself to come to terms with that. We’re lucky to have the auction house, really, so none of the time-gated rewards that actually matter, ie. the cars, are truly exclusive.


There is no FOMO in FH5 though. You don’t miss out on anything for not doing the Daily Challenges.

You’re correct. There is more to gain focusing on other things.

That may or not be so, but there’s plenty of PITA though!

Going OT, but especially the “Win a game of The Eliminator without acquiring ANY car drops” accolade for The Eliminator.

Fifth day of trying and best I’ve managed is 2nd Place on numerous occasion.

A few nearly 1st, in level 6-9 but pipped at the post by Level 10s.

Only time I had a Level 10 and missed out by inches was when the course was a right PITA and I had the horrible “Brocky”.

One of the bad things in The Eliminator in FH5 are some of the finish lines for the final race are in the worst places in relation to the final arena.

Oh and previous good cars in FH4 have ben nuked and are utter garbage compared to before, (Pro Truck and Camaro to name just two).

Who bothers to fill all the dailies? in FH4, there was a reason to - you got extra forzathon points.

In FH5? im not sure but i dont think you get forzathon points if you complete the whole list. So, why bother?

The devs keep adding more and more infuriating and player-hated stuff to that list, who cares.

They again needed to copy/paste another Fh4 gameplay mechanic making it worst, by adding MP stuff in it. I dont think i am going to EVER complete a whole list lol.

It’s a completist or completionist trait that some people have. Obviously you don’t have that flaw that some of us do?


Been ther ewith FOMO with FH4. I was disgusted to see it continued in FH5. Tried to deal with with AFK races, but PG calling an exploit was tthe last straw.

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I miss the Gurhka

no one is missing out on anything though, even if one doesnt get everything now, they will be offered again someday. patience goes a long way.

i remember in fh4 some of the harder to get cars were offered multiple times, through different means, just to make sure everyone had an oppurtunity to get them.

The damn seasonals starting to feel like a damned grind especially with the broken Trial game mode and the amount of progression points in that game mode.

FH5 is starting to feel like a MMORPG type of “forced engagement” grind every weekly reset.

The game is starting to feels like the type of grind you get from WOW: Shadowland. Did they hire ex-Blizzard dev’s or something?

As much as you say you dont “have to” grind, whenever they drop a car thast not obtainable from the shop, fomo and $$$$$ needs come in, cause thsoe cars can be sold for millions (if not ten millions) of credits on the auctions house, so even if you dont keep the car (but you want to because you want/need to unlock the car list collection rewards), like I said, this is kind of crap WOW/F2P MMORPG players used to deal with…

For FOMO to come into the game you would have to skip a lot of game elements.

I skip Playground Games, Eliminator, Daily Challenges, and the Photo.

I get all the cars.

So at least 4 things I skip, so you are talking about skipping about 5 or 6 things, which to me isn’t FOMO. To skip 5 or 6 parts of a game means that you only like a small part of the game which is the real problem.

I’m not sure you understand what FOMO is? FOMO is a psychological tendency that companies tend to exploit, a nervous apprehension that you are missing out on something. In the case of this game, it’s the rewards for the playlist stuff, but especially the exclusive cars. And if you don’t get those cars yourself, you’ll just have to wait for it to come around again or pony up typically 10-20 million credits in the AH.

And for the people saying there’s no point to doing dailies, remember that it’s 7 points, which is a sizeable chunk. And I typically need them since I abhor the trials, which is automatically 10 pts I lose out on every week. And especially with the sudden increased requirement of 200 pts for the SVJ series reward, every point counts.


Fomo means… The fear of missing out

The title of the thread is… Devs: Please reevaluate the amount of time players should be expected to spend on Daily Challenges

If you work it out properly you don’t miss out anything by skipping the Daily Challenges which I have explained already… twice.

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