Devs: Please reevaluate the amount of time players should be expected to spend on Daily Challenges

Hello, Devs. I hope you’re enjoying your weekend. Please take another look at the types of events you choose to include as Daily Challenges. I hope some of you might spend a bit of your free time off the clock actually playing your game for enjoyment and start to see how some of your choices are working out from a player perspective.

I’ve spend as much time as I’m willing on today’s event without a reasonable expectation of completion. There’s a lot to like and much greater potential buried somewhere within this game, but I’m afraid there’s a long road ahead of you to get there and not so much time if you continue to wring the joy out of the game and push players away with these types of choices.


I don’t do the daily challenges, is there a reason to?

No reason at all. If I win a daily challenge, it’s by coincidence.

The only unique thing I’ve got so far is the gingerbread man suit.

Hehe I’ve got that, wish it had hands and feet but at least he’s smiling unlike that miserable snowman!

Funny, I was just thinking this looking at this week’s daily challenges.
Like, win a Horizon Tour? Get a level 7 car in Eliminator? Score a flag in flag rush? I guess if people don’t want to do some of these modes, they’re going to force us to anyways.


Other way round: I choose what to do with my time. Don´t have to do anything. Dance naked on the table ? No, thank you.


Nobody’s forcing you to do anything.

None of the rewards are essential to the progress of the game.

If something’s not fun, don’t do it. You don’t need the dopamine hit of getting whichever car is flavour of the month anyway, and if you do badly desire said car, the Auction House exists.

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I think you’re vastly underestimating the power of “FOMO” as a means of forcing people to do things. Many people have a problem with missing out on content for various reasons. To just simply hand-wave it away as “not important,” and say “just don’t do it” as a supposed solution isn’t helpful. That’s like telling a gambling addict to just stop. After all, they to don’t NEED to gamble, so just don’t.

And in case you think I’m exaggerating and that companies don’t do this, here’s a disgusting company that highlights how important FOMO is for businesses.


You don’t miss any content though. 100% is way past getting all the content. If you don’t do the Daily Challenges you still get all of the content.

Granted, but I was more specifically addressing his statement about just not doing things though even if that means not getting new cars. Short of coughing up the inevitable 20 million CR that cars like the SVJ will likely demand in the AH.

With those dailies I got a nice reason not to log into game for few days.


I agree. Too much time and effort. I miss the Horizon 4 daily challenges. I shouldn’t have to spend 30 minutes on a daily challenge as I did today. And I’m feeling relieved and lucky that it only took me that long.


Honestly I can’t figure out why they would change it from simple things like “Earn a kangaroo skill” to these for dailies. Even the easy ones are mostly a bit time consuming like get three clean racing skills in a road race. Easy to do, but requires a bit of time for just 1pt.

As I said before, my assumption is that they want to push all the online modes HARD in FH5, whether all of us want that or not. This is annoying to me, as I hate the Trial, so I typically do rely on getting all or most of the dailies (though I’m not sure why they removed the bonus FP for completing all seven like in FH4). Especially with needing to get 50pts per week this series for the SVJ.


But Mike Brown assured everyone that the “new” playlist would be players choice! Instead, let’s throw in online events into the dailies that nobody cares about and many will force themselves through. I’ve said it before, they really should’ve separated the online events from the playlist. Do I really want to get 5 Flag Rush denials just to “100%” even though the playlist is bugged already? This is deliberate. They purposely use FOMO because they need engagement numbers every week, it’s sad this type of OCD was put into the game in the first place.


It plays with peoples’ minds and it ain’t right, especially in these times where people’s mental health is such a hot topic!

Try doing the accolade for The Eliminator, where you have to win it without getting a car drop. You can beat other players and upgrade that way, but I’ve been playing for two days and still no dice!

It’s hard enough trying to win in this terrible terrain, with cars not suited to it (2wd in 90% races across country), but then having to inch up the car levels in the hope someone in a higher level car messes up? Yeah right!

Never in my 30+ years of gaming have I ever felt like throwing my controller across the room! Cheers devs for making me hate this game so much!


battle royal was designed for people to exterminate each other without giving a second thought, this is just a psy-op, but in virtual world, when comes to reality people will do it, for food or simple self accomplishment, the only way it will stop if every single person will say no, but fat chance of this happening, i’d say one in a trillion and we don’t even that many creatures all combined together

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Hey at least the rewards are really low so you waste 100k tuning something you’d not use ever again.
Reminds me of screwing around in class, copying the dictionary as punishment. Gave me great vocabulary, but had zero effect on my engagement due to terminal boredom.


This is how Microsoft rolls now. Everything to sap playtime to boost Game Pass engagement metrics.


First they did it into the game to keep console players sticking to Xbox Live Gold. So that’s why they keep online content to the daily challenges.

Second - as we all know, there is little by no chance to get 100% of the season at all as the challenges are mostly bugged and do not work for everybody. So there is no need to do every daily - especially as there are no exclusive cars these week as reward (I personally get the two just after two days of playing at the prerelease week).

And as winning a horizon tour is already a weekly challenge, you can combine that with the daily one.

If you compare that with the daily challenges of the crew 2 for example, it is just a walk in the park as you got 5 daily challenges there. Today it was some kind of easy as doing three speedtraps, two escapes, winning one hypercar race, winning one rally raid event and driving 15 km by sea. Only positive thing there is that some of the challenges could be done in addition to each other, for example doing the escapes with a boat counts towards the 15 km driving by sea challenge.

And with the new point system it is easier to see at FH5 which challenges are needed to suceed and which can be missed. In FH4 it was not that clear with the percentage amount. And if you are a 100% buddy, then that’s you choice, not PGGs…

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