Devel Sixteen 2016-current

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Devel Sixteen

Devel Sixteen (2020)

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Isn’t this car basically a scam?


No, theres a 1600 horsepower version in the works but has never been produced

That’s quite a lot less than the 5000hp they initially promised


The car in question :


Is it a real car or a shell?

I don’t know but this is still a cool concept car

no 2 have been delivered to customers

This particular photo isn’t even current. The body has already undergone several revisions since this version.

Weren’t they just dolled up C8s though?

Not exactly. The engine it’s an ls7 not the lt1 and it’s been tuned, turbocharged, and rebuilt to push 1600hp

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Asphalt 9 players are having fun


2014 Devel sixteen

and 2019 Devel sixteen


If this does make it to the game somehow, I would like to see all the engines you can use, those being the NA 2,000 horsepower V8, the NA 3,000 horsepower V16, and of course, the Quad-Turbo 5,000 horsepower V16.

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NA 2000hp? From a 20-liter engine or what?

yes and no.
yes, it technically exists, and they are developing the actual V16 version to make 5,000hp.
no, they havent “finished” yet and I dont even think theyve sold one yet.

this is a millionaires moneypit project, and from the pics we have seen of the engine internals and the likes, it also doesnt seem quite the “fully bespoke” engine it claims to be, for better or for worse. The V8 spec is just an LS, and the V16 looks a lot like 2 LS engines stuck together. obviously there is more that goes in to it than just superglue in sticking two engines together, lot of real engineering in it, but yea, its not exactly a “unique” engine outside of its engine layout, and even they might be beaten in that by the upcoming bugatti lmao.

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The fastest car ever in the world even more then Jesko or Bugatti. Add to game plz.