Designs not uploading

hey guys, I just finished a winny reds design for a mate but when I go to upload the design it just doesn’t upload, any ideas why?

cheers for the help in advance.

why do you think it’s not uploading??

because we both search for it and its not there and when I upload it. it never gives me an option for the 2 key words

that is wierd… have you tried turning the xbox of… unplugging it for a couple minutes and the (plug it back in) and restart it… not sure but this seems to work with a lot of ‘errors’…

Are you using any locked designs on it?

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That wouldn’t help … :slight_smile: forgot about that :slight_smile:

tried and failed

yes I’m using a few downloaded decals

You can’t share designs with other peoples decals…

Must be all your own designs to be able to share…

You can use the manufacturer logo’s but not other peoples designs if you want to share your design!
I have an BMW M1 Procar in my design gallery on here which i used other peoples designs! cant share it! but love it!!

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No problem!
Thought the same when i first found out but it actually stops people passing stuff off as their own!
You can still use your design in the game as you like but you just cant share!
There are some really talented and clever artists who put a lot of time and effort in,so i think its right that their work is protected to a degree!
I just try to do what i can and be a bit different from the rest!!
Happy painting:)

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