Design/Tune Achievement Progress

I noticed this yesterday 1st when I logged into the game after uploading a Design on the 30th. I was amazed my first Vinyl said I earned 25,500 credits, I was happy that’s 50% of the achievement. However checking the progress it was still at 0%. I also received 1,400 credits for Tuning on the 30th that showed progress 2% however the 900 credits on the 1st didn’t give me any progress. Later in the day I received another Design reward of 200 again with no progress. Today I log in and see I have a Design 3,900 credits and Layer group 100 credits and these progressed the achievement to 7%. Because there is no history to show when and how you earned credits I can’t even tell if I actually received them either.

Glad I’m not the only one frustrated by this. At least in Horizon 3 you had the storefront which would show total downloads for your tunes/designs. So far the only way I could tell how many designs are getting downloaded is if I go to “Paint & Customize–>Paint Car–>My Designs” and go to the specific design.

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