Design Requests?

I’ll get you. I just private messaged you.

Thank you!!, didn’t expect multiple offers!!!

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VulpesLibertas, how good are you at making paint jobs with rust, dirt, paint scratches, and/or general damage?

Such as this:

If you are going to do this paint job, can you please do it on the Chevy Monte Carlo? Thanks.

Let’s find out.

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Did you want that with or without the hood cowl?

Looks like this after you crash it a few times and drive through a banana farm.

Livery name: “Van Buren Boys”
Description: “Van Buren Boys Racing”


Thanks! It looks great.

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Nice job VL!

Do you have any DLC cars available, to take request for ?

Sorry, no DLC (Downloadable Content) cars. I’m a cheap little blighter.

Thank you, my first attempt at rust and dirt.

JaCor653, I’ve asked the original artist permission to copy the NASA car (since it’s a copy of someone else’s work). Expect to see it in a few days.

[quote=JaCor653, I’ve asked the original artist permission to copy the NASA car (since it’s a copy of someone else’s work). Expect to see it in a few days.[/quote]

Ok, sounds good. Thanks. If you do get permission, will you please put the Chris Buescher #60 on the sides and roof of the car?

Make the numbers red, of course, to match the NASA decals.

How about this? 2015 Ford Mustang NASCAR XFinity Race car sponsored by NASA?

@ Hot Wheels Kid - I am making this as that 1970 Chevelle SS - 454 for you.

This is actually almost complete, I’m finishing it tonight.

This is the model of which I’m forming it after.
If anybody else wants this car, let me know. I’m posting two versions: CLEAN and the “RUSTIC”. The “Rustic” version features fading, scratches, tearing decals, rust, and more.

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Can you paint Reverb from Acceleracers on the Lamborghini Aventador?

The NASA mustang i available online for the 2016 Mustang (without the number 60).

I’m closing requests at this time.

Why no #60?

Ive got to say, hats off to the many brilliant and experienced painters in the forza community. For starters making yoir work available to the rest of us ‘unskilled’ car designers makes the game much more enjoyable. Secondly for being so generous with your time and advice. The encouragement and help I have had from the likes of SeveredTester16 of in creating decals, paintjobs and designs has been invaluble to me and has enhanced my gaming experience and hopefully made me a better painter!! So I just saw this request thread and it made me think about the work you guys do for other people and I wanted to say thanks. Keep giving me something to aspire to!!!

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Can you make this paint job for the BMW M6?