Design Request for FH4

To all you wonderful design creators. Being an Air Force Vet I would love to have an Air Force car. I have done a very simple one for one of my smaller old-time racers. I have seen an Army and U.S.M.C. design, but not for the Air Force. I just do not have the talent to do an elaborate design. One for a good size car like the 1969 LOLA #6 PENSKE car I just got, or even a Super Van or any similar car will do. It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

i’m no livery designer, so i can’t make a livery for you, but i do know that lamboghini has a special edition huracan that is air force themed so if you’re interested, maybe check the livery library for one of those?

Sir would that be the 2018 HURACAN PERFORMANTE? If it is I do not have access to it yet. I see it is available in the BACKSTAGE. I have checked all the other HURACANS no dice as they say. Thanks.

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hang on are you on forza horizon 4 or horizon 5? because the one i saw was just a stock huracan, not an evo or performante
(ive seen one in person, thats how i know about it)

this isnt the one i saw in person but this special edition is called the huracan avio, and it pays tribute to the italian air force, not the us air force

Thanks for the reply. I haven’t seen this one because I have not been able to find it., Someone did reply telling me about a huracan air force design, but I’ll pass on this one. I want a United States Air Force design. I just do not have the talent to do any design work. There are designs for the Army and Marines but no Air Force or Navy. I think all our Arm Forces should be represented including the Coast Guard.

I don’t have fh4 installed atm. But I could imagine there are liveries around air force related popculture. Have you considered searching for liveries related to top gun. I know there are some in fh5, like this one: Official Weekly FH5 Livery Competition - Week 039 - #19 by Enoo66

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I’ll take a looksee again, but all I have been able to find are Army & Marines. Thanks.

Thx for this shout out​:+1::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I gave you a shout out?

Not you, but the author of the post who mentionned my livery

Thank you kindly. I am not very good at art at all. I have done a couple of simple designs, but a design more complicated is way above my pay grade. It must take hours for some of these designs to create. The other day I saw that springtime design, and it’s like a jigsaw puzzle. Please no rush, and if there is anything I can do in return please let me know. There is one Air Force design which is on the rocket on wheels as I call it, I believe it is a Hot Wheels car. Are you or were you a pilot? Have a great week and please no rush. Again thanks.

One player who has been a great big help to me with the game, I asked him if there are any decals of train because I am a train buff. Wish I could go back to the Golden Age of Railroading when steam was King.

Sir I am confused because it sounds like you are using real paint? I thought the designs were created in the game in a virtual world if you will?

Silly me I thought you were actually talking about real paint, I guess it was just the way it was worded. I noticed some of the ladies who are Asian they create some beautiful designs, and I have applied 2 or 3 of them.

By chance have you created some of the military designs I have since, like the USMC which is a really nice design?

That was quick. I know how to do a tune share code, but I have never done one for a design. Do I go to Livery Designs, and I have forgotten what car I mentioned.

I had a tour of duty in England back in the 70’s, I was there for 18 months then went to Germany. I was at RAF Alconbury by Huntington which I understand Robin Hood was the Lord at one time. I am not much of a drinker, but I do miss the Pubs and the people. Used to hang out in the Pub called the Sun which was 600 years old, and a pub that had a tree growing in it. Also was supposedly haunted by a ghost carriage which appeared at midnight.

I was told I would be coming back with a British wife but that did not happen

Unfortunately, when I came back to my home city which is Cleveland, Ohio I was not appreciated by anyone after serving 21 years. That was back in 1988. Are you in the UK?

I LOVE IT. It has like a blueish silvery tint to it, fantastic. Would love to give you something for it.

I did not even need the share code. I guess the Livery Designs are free for anyone to download. Many thanks mate. God bless and take care. Have a pink of Lauger and lime on me. That’s what I drink, even though it is considered a lady’s drink. I tried a Genius once, and could not drink it.


Again, many thanks. Now I want the Air Force Thunderbirds. I am just kidding. The Spitfire saved English. When I was in England the Brits flew at night, and the people would call the base to complain. Their answer was, we fly for the Queen, may she RIP. The way the world is today, we need another Margert Thatcher and Rondald Reagan.


Something strange happened with the design. It might be the game screwing up which would not surprise me. I went to view the car and it took me to the Recommended Livery Designs as if I am picking up the car for the first time. I got out of it, and finally got the change camera position. Now here is the strange part. I swear it kept flashing between your design which was already applied to the car, but also a similar design which had my rank on the side. TSgt 06. I swear this game is trying to make a monkey out of me. So many weird things happen in my game. Can you make any light of this?

I was just kidding about the Thunderbirds, you have done enough already. How did the Spitfire turnout.

You know some of my cars when I go to select one they are their original color. I have a rally car that is red, white, and blue, but in the garage it is white and orange. I was going to submit a ticket, but I am finding out the Forza Support Team is nothing but a JOKE.

Please don’t worry about the Thunderbirds, as I said you have done enough for me already.

You did put my rank which I did not see until I seen it flashing, and it was in large letters on a different part of the car. If it was a snake, it would have bite me. I did not expect that thank you. You could have bumped me up to a General or at least a Full Bird Col. :smiling_face: Haven’t had a sunny day yet to really see the true colors. Do you race in the game or just do designs? Wish I had your talent. During the Winter Season someone had a Christmas Design, a full Santa Clauss, including the reindeer and sleigh. Was that your work?